7 Items That Will Help You Sleep

Fighting sleep can feel be a frustrating experience and negatively impacts your days. Lying awake at night and struggling to fall asleep only to wake up in the morning still feeling tired is no way to go about your days. It’s time to try anything that can help you find the rest you need so you can feel more energized in the morning. From cool mist humidifiers for bedroom quiet spaces to comfortable pajamas for every season, read on for tips on what you can try to log more sleep.

1. Cool Mist Humidifiers

Maintaining an optimal level of humidity in your bedroom can help improve your comfort to help you find sleep. With a cool mist humidifier, you also combat common issues people experience as a result of air conditioning such as dry tissue (like sinus and throat) or inflammation. The humidifier can alleviate these symptoms to help with sleep. Plus, if you or your partner snores, the humidifier can decrease snoring as the dry tissue can intensify snoring. Not all humidifiers are loud so if you’re concerned you won’t be able to sleep with one running, find a product that’s quiet so you can enjoy the benefits without interruption. 

2. Melatonin

The body produces melatonin naturally and while what the body produces doesn’t make you sleep, it does lull you into a quiet and calm demeanor in the evening that can aid in rest. However, for some people, the melatonin they produce isn’t enough to help with sleep so some choose to take a melatonin supplement. Melatonin can be found in teas, CBD, or vitamins and can allow the body to find the quiet it needs to rest.

3. Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets are becoming increasingly popular for helping people find better sleep. Heavier than normal blankets, a weighted blanket features a therapeutic technique called deep pressure stimulation which can help reduce stress and promote calmness. The technique also helps calm the central nervous system and that benefits people who experience anxiety and hyperactivity. A weighted blanket isn’t just for cold weather use as it doesn’t necessarily provide extra heat but rather pressure that can feel soothing no matter what season it is.

4. Meditation App

For some people, the reason they struggle with falling asleep is that their mind is racing. They struggle to quiet their thoughts to slip into a restful state. Meditation can be a useful tool to help quiet the mind and there are plenty of meditation apps that can help. Most meditation apps feature sleep meditations that can be played as you lie in bed, lulling you into calmness so you can relax.

5. Essential Oils

Essential oils are derived from plants and used in aromatherapy for their powerful health benefits. Incorporating essential oils into your evening routine can help you feel more relaxed and find better rest because smells can affect sleep. Certain fragrances are best for relaxation such as lavender, bergamot, chamomile, or cedarwood. The oil can be rubbed into the skin, such as behind the ears or at the temples, before lying in bed. Another effective way to enjoy the benefits of essential oils is with an ultrasonic humidifier that features an essential oil tray to disperse the fragrance throughout the room.  

6. Herbal Tea

Similar to essential oils, herbal teas feature plants with relaxing properties. Chamomile is one of the most popular herbal teas for sleep because it features a mild sedative effect that can help with sleep. In addition to the aroma of the tea, the warmth can also help the body find calm and restfulness. It can work well during the cold months to warm the body from the chill in the air that could be preventing you from sleeping.

7. Comfortable Pajamas

Wearing the right pajamas can make all the difference in helping you get the sleep you need. You want to wear something that’s usually on the looser side to keep you comfortable as you move through the night. Keeping the season in mind matters as well. For warm months, cool pajamas with less clothing in breathable material will help you maintain a cool temperature. During cold months, layers and thick pajamas are best to stay warm.


You deserve to get the rest you need each night and don’t have to keep struggling with sleep. Try out each of these tips to find the best solution that works for you and your body. Once you discover the solution, you can feel more rested and energized to take on your days. 

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