10 Reasons to Invest in Video Marketing

10 Reasons to Invest in Video Marketing

Video Marketing is an efficient marketing strategy that makes it easy for your customers and prospects to learn more about your brand. Also, products or services without taking too much of their valuable time.

You already know that video marketing is a powerful way to connect with your audience and that it’s one of the fastest-growing marketing trends in the digital world right now.

Even if you don’t invest in video marketing as part of your content strategy yet, you’ve probably at least considered it as something you might want to try sometime in the future. Here are 10 Reasons to Invest in Video Marketing.

1) Videos are Easily Shared

Videos are easily shared across platforms, meaning that once you’ve created a video. Nothing stops you from sharing it on your website, YouTube page, or any other digital destination.

Suppose, if the image has 2000 words, then a video has millions of words when people share videos from your website or YouTube channel using social media. Those videos can get thousands or even millions of views. And each view represents an opportunity for you to make sales and attract new customers.

Videos are available everywhere:

  • People now have access to quality video content everywhere they go.
  • Mobile devices are equipped with cameras that shoot high-definition videos.
  • Web browsers offer faster streaming capabilities than ever before. People are watching more videos on their TVs than ever before.
  • Video content is available on every social media platform, including LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram.
  • People are watching more video content on YouTube and Facebook, too.
  • The average user spends over 2 hours a day watching videos online.
  • That number grows each year as people become more comfortable with digital video content.

2) Videos Engage Viewers Longer

Marketers are shifting their budgets from traditional forms of advertising, such as print and radio ads, to online video platforms. Videos are also twice as effective at converting viewers into consumers. 74% of marketers believe that video marketing produces a better return on investment (ROI) than other forms of digital marketing.

Another benefit of video marketing is giving viewers a clear call to action. Marketers can guide their audience with specific instructions and clarify their message through voiceover and text overlays. It means your viewers are more likely to take action because you’ve given them clear directions on what to do next.

3) Videos Rank Better on Search Engines

When you put a video on your website, Google will give it preferential treatment. The reason is simply that people tend to prefer videos over text. When it comes time for someone to search online for what you provide, they’re more likely to find your page if there’s a video there.

Not only that, but Google will factor in how many views and social shares your video gets. When ranking its position, you can also rank higher by using high-quality videos than by using low-quality ones.

These factors make video marketing an increasingly important part of any professional’s SEO strategy. The higher your videos rank, the more likely you will gain traffic and generate leads from organic search.

That means more money for you and better search rankings for everyone who uses your videos. It is the one reason why you should invest in video marketing today.

4) Video Leads to More Conversions

Video Leads to More Conversions

By focusing on how you can educate your audience, video marketing has been proven time and again to increase conversions. As a rule of thumb, use a comfortable length for your viewer.

If they like what they see and feel short enough, they will stick around until you’ve sold them your product or service. When people take action from watching your video, that’s called conversion, and it’s great for business.

Research has shown that at a 60% completion rate. Consumers are more likely to purchase than if they aren’t watching videos.

85% of people who watch a video will remember it within three days. 55% of people say they would like companies to produce more video content for them to consume.

And since over 1 billion hours of video are watched on YouTube every day, you should be producing some. Video gives you a chance to connect with your customers emotionally by showing off your product or service in action.

5) Customer Feedback is more Valuable When Recorded

Good customer service is a phrase we hear all too often, and for many businesses, it’s an elusive concept. While some businesses think good customer service can be achieved by offering freebies or discounts.

In reality, it takes more than that. According to research, organizations that invest in video are twice. As likely to receive customer feedback and respond more quickly when compared with non-video respondents.

Customers feel more comfortable providing their opinion on video because they know their comments will be listened to carefully. That level of comfort translates into valuable information for your business. And that’s a good reason to invest in video marketing.

Customer feedback is crucial 90% of consumers say they would rather watch a product video than read about it. And we can all agree watching is more accessible than reading.

6) YouTube Channel Subscribers Convert Better

YouTube is a great place to host your videos, but it can be even better if you share those videos on your other social channels. You can grab an embed code and place that code on your website or across social media accounts. They’ll see whatever video you shared and things like related videos and links to subscribe to your channel.

YouTube has one of the highest customer-conversion rates for social sharing sites, and it’s second only to Facebook when it comes to organic search. It means that if you create great content, people will watch it and share it independently.

You don’t have to pay for traffic; post good videos that convert well, then sit back and let them do your marketing work.

7) Videos are Memorable

When you use video, you’re 80% more likely to be remembered by your audience. People who see a video tend to remember where they were and what was going on when they saw it.

We believe them because we have personally experienced an event with multiple senses. Also, you can incorporate testimonials or success stories that are more memorable if they are presented as videos instead of text or pictures.

Your audience will be able to see it in action and better understand what they need from you. You can even include some quick polls or quizzes within your videos to help them test their knowledge of what they just learned. It helps boost engagement by getting them involved with your content.

While also increasing conversions since they are more likely to stay on your site longer. If they are engaged with what you are showing them.

Video is a Great Way to Show Off Products:

  • Your customers want to know how products work.
  • They want to know how easy they are to assemble, how easy they are to clean, etc.
  • Videos also keep people engaged longer than any other type of content, including written content which increases your chances of getting shared on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

8) Videos Get Great Reactions

Research shows that video content gets better engagement than written text or still images.

According to a Cisco white paper, it takes just 1 second for viewers to form an opinion about your video content and up to 3 seconds to take what they see fully. You need to make sure your videos are polished and professional-looking because first impressions count.

Start with a script, then build a storyboard, pick a location and get everyone on set. You do not waste time to shooting footage when you could be editing.

While we’re all for trying new things, remember that it’s also essential that not all videos are created equal. Some types of videos work better than others.

Explainers take viewers through a process step-by-step, which makes them great for helping customers understand how something works or what they need to do next.

9) More People Are Preferring to Watch Than Reading

We know that a more significant number of people prefer watching video content to reading. That’s why businesses need to invest in high-quality video content.

71% of customers are more likely to purchase from a site with videos than one that doesn’t. Furthermore, 57% want businesses to use live videos on their sites and apps. Finally, 65% of online shoppers say they have watched an explainer video before making a purchase decision.

If you don’t have videos, you are going against competitors that have already used video marketing as an effective tool for lead generation and conversion rate optimization.

You should consider investing in such kind of digital asset for your business growth. If you still think that is not important, here is another reason why you should invest in video marketing, people love watching videos.

According to one study, people spend more than 2 hours a day watching online videos.

10) Videos Increase Sales Leads & Improve Credibility

Sales leads are a vital component of any marketing strategy, and it’s easy to see why. If a company is looking for help with its marketing, they will likely visit websites of companies they know and trust.

According to Google Insights, videos rank at or near the top when people search for help with specific services and products. 91% of executives surveyed by Osterman Research said that watching an explainer video makes them more interested in a product or service.

After watching videos about a product or service, viewers are 2x more likely to purchase than those who did not watch a video.

Additionally, 84% of consumers say they feel more confident purchasing from a brand after seeing an explainer video. It helps build Credibility for your business as well as increase sales leads.

Benefits of Video Marketing

  • Creates engagement and higher conversion rates
  • One study found that people who watched videos were about 3X more likely to buy a product than those who didn’t.
  • It also found that 64% of customers are willing to spend more when companies provide video content. Not only that, but social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat rank video posts higher on their feeds.
  • Because they know users interact with them more frequently.
  • Videos will also increase your SEO as they’re indexed by search engines like Google much faster than text-based articles.


In a Nutshell

You’ve seen why videos are increasingly vital for businesses of all shapes and sizes. You know what goals you want to accomplish with video and how it will help your business grow.

The next step is moving forward, defining a process that’s right for your organization, scheduling content, and hiring a team member.

Who can take on some responsibilities while freeing time for more strategic efforts? Start by asking yourself what impact you want video marketing to have on your business, short-term or long-term, and start planning based on that vision.

Creating a video marketing strategy isn’t simple. It takes time, an understanding of your business needs, and expertise, but it’s ultimately worth it for all that it can do for your business. As we discussed earlier, video is great at connecting with people on an emotional level.

That’s why video marketing is so powerful. Don’t just think about it; put some plans into action. There are many different ways you can start using videos today to improve your website traffic. Make more sales or get more leads, or any other goal you have in mind for your business.

Keep experimenting with different kinds of videos. Don’t be afraid to learn from your mistakes and try again. You’ll never know what will work for you until you give it a shot.

While there are plenty of articles out there about what kinds of videos perform best. Remember that what works for one company may not be a good fit for another. It all depends on your target audience and what message you want to send them through video.

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Video Marketing is an efficient marketing strategy that makes it easy for your customers and prospects to learn more about your brand. Also, products or services without taking too much of their valuable time.
You already know that video marketing is a powerful way to connect with your audience and…