5 tech tools I use in my elementary music classroom

Know-how has develop into far more common in universities in modern several years, with a major uptick due to the pandemic. Instructing on the net for the duration of the pandemic has revealed us that high-high-quality tech equipment are out there–but how do we proceed to use these methods in our lecture rooms currently?

The development and use of electronic songs has also grow to be much more typical currently. How are we exposing our pupils to building music by technology? I have uncovered some on the net new music means that have transformed my teaching as an elementary common audio trainer and have presented partaking material for my students.

1. Chrome Songs Lab

A single of the most well-liked engineering applications in my music classroom will allow for pupils to check out developing and manipulating distinct appears. The Tune Maker application is a terrific software exactly where students can examine building tunes although considering music factors this kind of as: Melody, Harmony, Tempo, Instrumentation. I use this software with my kindergarten students as we emphasis in on generating melodies and musical styles.

Just one activity I located to be entertaining for more mature students is to have them finish the melody to a track their know.  One of the most valuable elements of this software is the actual time playback of pupils work. The playback will allow even my youngest pupils the potential to hear their creations, mirror on their work, and make modifications to match their feelings.

2. Groove Pizza

Pupils generate and join different beats of various musical types to assemble a musical function. College students are exposed to and can generate beats associated with Afro-Latin, Jazz, Techno, Rock, and Hip-Hop. These beats can be downloaded or shared to several tunes applications such as SoundTrap or Noteflight. I use this application specially with my decreased elementary pupils, but it can possibly operate with other age groups as very well. Students can hear the distinctions amongst musical kinds these kinds of as Jazz and Hip Hop.

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