8 Tips for Purchasing a Website

8 Tips for Purchasing a Website

It’s great to give wings to your passion! Buying an established website can help you unlock profit if you have taken the smart or better decision. Before you buy any website online, there are several factors that need to be taken into consideration. Here are certain tips every buyer should know before they execute the idea of purchasing a website online.

1. Get assures of having technical knowledge and skills
To run a website successfully, it is essential to have some kind of knowledge related to the website and how to maintain the website. Though some sites are quite simple to keep running, any e-commerce website needs to be constantly updated with products, offers, and content. Therefore, along with some business skills, you may also require a web developer’s skill such as working on PHP, JavaScript, or MySQL as you might not want to hire someone reliable for small tasks.

2. Look for existing traffic on the website
Always ask for Google Analytics report available on the website before buying the website. Don’t rely on the screenshots or other data as it may be forged as well. Ask for the user details with Google account to have a look at the analytics closely.

3. Know the type of website – Established or not!
The company who is getting excellent revenue for a time being might dry up in a few months if the website is not well-established with a solid analytics report. Ensure to go through the metrics of the past six months to find out monthly traffic, revenue, backlinks and the age of the domain name.

4. Look for the bad links
Always verify the website if there are any bad links such as penguin, or panda. Such errors are difficult to fix the problem, especially if you are running the business without any help. Hence, ensure to get everything in place before you take over the ownership.

5. Ensure to pay the true amount
The ultimate way of finding out if the website is doing well is through its past revenue data. Although the website might have the potential to do great, you will have to put in additional effort and money for brand awareness.

6. Be attentive towards any sharp drop or spike
In case you’ve noticed any sharp drop or spike in traffic, it can be an effect of something that did not go well with marketing.

7. Are the target audiences turning into conversions?
Conversion solely depends on the website marketing strategy. However, ensure to keep a check on your ads and its impact on the sales.

8. Things to take care of while closing the deal
It is highly recommended to not make the entire payment while closing the deal until you have received all the IDs, Passwords to the control panel, FTP, and hosting.

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