So Why In The World Should You Even Read This?

I have been in the network marketing industry for two years full time now, and know what works and what doesn’t work and also who to listen to and who not to listen to. I am also aware of which industsry leaders you should really pay attention to. Ann Sieg is absolutely one of them.

So Who Is This Ann Sieg Lady?

Ann Sieg is one of the leading trainers and coaches in the network marketing industry. She is the creator of the Renegade Network Marketer and the author of the 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing (An excellent read by the way). Her teachings and coaching focuses on the combination of attraction marketing and internet marketing that allows you do forget house meetings and the three foot rule. Attraction marketing is the same approach that is taught by industry icon, Mike Dillard, the creator of magnetic sponsoring, and is the only way I have built my business over the last two years. Ann Sieg has helped thousands of struggling network marketers to finally experience results in their respective companies and has done this through her Renegade program.

What Ann Offers?

Ann Sieg is not another proclaimed network marketing guru that tries to sell her products to anyone and everyone. She actually offers result producing training and marketing strategies that can allow you to sponsor more motivated distributors into your primary company with less effort. From the hundreds of testimonials online you can tell that Ann Sieg has made a real positive impact in the lives of many network marketers. Her main product is the Renegade Network Marketing system. This system is a generic lead generation system that helps you market yourself online and can be personalized and customized to your liking. This particular system costs you $ 1 for a seven day trial and is $67 a month after that.

Can You Really Experience Results With The Renegade Network Marketer?

This will all depend. If you are brand new to the network marketing industry and would like to grow your business online, this is a great tool to use. If you are somewhat of a savvy internet marketer and are familiar with auto-responders, copy writing and some web design, I would recommend that you don’t use this system. Additionally, there are other options you have when it comes to online lead generation systems such as Magnetic Sponsoring, Jonathan Budd’s MLM Mastermind System and MLM Lead System Pro. In my own opinion and from extensive research I believe MLM Lead System Pro is your best bet when you want to use a lead generation system.

What Ann Sieg Can’t Show You

Ann Sieg, is unequivocally, an awesome leader in the industry as well as a trainer and has helped many people. However, even with the products and systems Ann offers, you will still have to become a master marketer to become a top producer in this industry. Top producers and trainers can talk all day about systems, but it is really up to you to learn marketing. After all, the word ‘marketing’ is in network marketing and most people have no clue how to do it. Master the skill of marketing and how to build quality relationships with people and you will be guaranteed success in the network marketing industry.

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