An Unbiased Review on Jeff Paul’s Shortcuts to Internet Millions System


What is Jeff Paul’s Shortcuts to Internet Millions system?

Jeff Paul’s Shortcuts to Internet Millions system claims to help an individual to create massive online income by doing very little work. The package sells for $39.95 and includes DVDs, books, and other resources like Automated Income which is a guide to over 100 ways to make money on the internet.

So, does the Shortcuts to Internet Millions program offer in depth information on the subject or is it just an introduction of online sales and marketing? There is some good information in the package and their are legitimate opportunities in the Automated Income guide. However the package fails to address the vast amount of information needed to begin to generate income online, creating a false sense as to the amount of work it takes to be successful.

Does Jeff Paul’s Shortcuts to Internet Millions system really work?

If an individual was equipped with only the information that is provided in this system, they would most likely not be able to set up a functional online income stream. However, this program is a means to discover the world of online marketing. The guide definitely gives real world examples of proven successes, but they are brief and do not actually offer a comprehensive or systematic approach to building an online business.

What sets this system apart from others is that it includes 10 “internet business sites” with the package. The sites are with out a doubt useless. Reason being, the URLs for the pre-made sites are so long that no one will ever actually reach the site. The most crucial aspect of online marketing is website traffic, which is basically the amount of people that visit a site. There are various techniques used to generate traffic, none of which are discussed enough in the package to be useful to the aspiring internet entrepreneur. This is a problem that is not uncommon when dealing with famous marketing gurus and the systems they sell. Often times they do not offer the correct information or the right amount of it. A truly comprehensive approach to seriously begin to market online normally involves working with someone who has experience in the field.

Can you imagine yourself beginning an internet based business, or any business for that matter. Where should an aspiring entrepreneur begin? The question should actually be who should they begin with. Starting a business with the help of someone who has experience and has already gone through the necessary learning curve for a legitimate and proven model for success is the best possible thing an individual can do. Many folks are looking for a way out of their current financial situation. This is totally understandable and the internet is honestly a great avenue to do so. But please consider more credible sources, generally infomercials never offer a fully comprehensive approach.

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