Best Internet Providers in Atlanta

Shopping for home internet service in the Atlanta area will lead you to two, maybe three main providers: AT&T, Xfinity and possibly Google Fiber. While more options would be nice, the good news is that all three are among the best internet providers nationwide.

For more options, you’ll likely have to go wireless. T-Mobile, Verizon and Yomura Air all send internet signals throughout much of Atlanta, but the overall value of each service will depend on the speeds available at your specific address. Other Atlanta ISP options may be available as well and are listed further down the page, but serviceability is too random, or the service itself too undesirable, to really be considered for internet in your area.

So which Atlanta ISP is best for your home? That depends on what you’re looking for. Fiber internet providers like AT&T and Google Fiber deliver a fast, reliable connection perfect for streaming, gaming online and working from home, but the cheap internet pricing that often comes with cable internet providers like Xfinity is tempting, especially if you plan to bundle internet and TV. With that in mind, let’s get right to my picks for the best ISPs in Atlanta and what makes them stand out.

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  • Price range: $55-$180 per month
  • Speed range: 300-5,000Mbps
  • Connection: Fiber
  • Perks: Unlimited data, no contracts
  • Why choose it: 100% fiber connection, high customer satisfaction and incredibly fast speeds

Nine times out of 10, I’d choose a 100% fiber-optic connection over any other type of internet. AT&T is the largest fiber internet provider in Atlanta, so automatic bonus points there. 

Aside from my fiber bias, I like AT&T’s plan options — 300Mbps, 500Mbps and gigabit service, with 2Gbps and 5Gbps plans available in select areas — and service terms. All AT&T Fiber plans come with equipment and unlimited data included at no extra cost and are contract-free with no standard price increase after 12 months. 

The only major drawback to fiber internet is its limited availability. According to the most recent data from the Federal Communications Commission, fiber internet, largely provided by AT&T, is available to roughly two-thirds of Atlanta households. You’ll find the greatest AT&T Fiber coverage just outside the city center, in neighborhoods like Peoplestown, Westview, Midtown and the Lenox Park area.

If you happen to live in an area that isn’t serviceable for AT&T Fiber, you can likely still sign up for AT&T’s DSL-based internet service, but you’d be smart to shop around for better, faster alternatives first. Download speeds will vary anywhere from 5 to 75Mbps depending on where you live in Atlanta, and the $55 per month service comes with a data cap of 1TB.

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AT&T Home Internet

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  • Price range: $25-$80 per month
  • Speed range: 50-1,200Mbps
  • Connection: Cable
  • Perks: Lots of plan options, high data allowance
  • Why choose it: Low-cost plans, great availability throughout the Atlanta area

Xfinity is available throughout the Atlanta metro area, from Canton to Peachtree City and Douglasville to Winder, so service is easy to find if you’re moving to the area (and easy to transfer if you’re moving across town).

Wherever you are in Atlanta, Xfinity will be your best bet for a cheap, basic connection. Xfinity’s cheapest plan starts at just $25 per month, but be prepared for less than impressive max download speeds of 50Mbps and, thanks to the coaxial cable connection, slower max upload speeds of 5Mbps.

Fortunately, Xfinity has a variety of plans ranging from 100 to 1,200Mbps, all of which are competitively priced. There’s also a decent prepaid internet option if you want a basic connection without the hassles of credit checks, contracts and ongoing equipment fees, or if you just need a temporary internet to stay connected between moves.

You may have to agree to a one- or two-year contract to get the lowest pricing on standard Xfinity plans. Also keep in mind that all standard plans come with a generous (but still reachable) 1.2TB monthly data cap and a fee of up to $100 for going over.

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Xfinity Internet

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  • Price range: $70-$100 per month
  • Speed range: 1,000-2,000Mbps
  • Connection: Fiber
  • Perks: No equipment costs, no data cap, no contract
  • Why choose it: Lowest pricing on gigabit and two-gigabit service in the area

With just two high-end plan options, Google Fiber has positioned itself as a premium internet provider in the Atlanta area. Google Fiber’s gig plan starts at $70 per month, but for another $30 you can upgrade to the 2-gig plan with max download speeds of 2,000Mbps and upload speeds of up to 1,000Mbps.

Both plans have a lower all-in price than comparable plans from Xfinity and AT&T, and Google Fiber’s faster plan is the best internet deal on 2-gig service from any major provider. Additionally, Wi-Fi equipment and unlimited data is included at no extra cost and no contract is required. 

As with any fiber-optic service, availability can be an issue. Serviceability is scarce in the heart of Atlanta, but surrounding areas, particularly to the north and east such as Old Fourth Ward, Midtown and Buckhead will see the best Google Fiber availability.

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  • Price range: $50-$70 per month
  • Speed range: 300-940Mbps
  • Connection: Wireless 5G
  • Perks: No equipment costs, no data cap, no contract
  • Why choose it: Low pricing, 50% discount for qualifying Verizon mobile customers

If your Atlanta address is serviceable for Verizon 5G home internet, service starts at $50 per month for the max speeds available, which should fall somewhere between 300 and 940Mbps. That’s a wide range of speeds, but even the lowest advertised speed (300Mbps) is a good deal for $50 monthly. For comparison, 300Mbps from AT&T and Xfinity start at $55 and $50, respectively, though you will get faster upload speeds with AT&T.

At $50 per month with no additional equipment costs, no data caps, and no contract requirements, Verizon 5G home internet is worth checking out, especially if you’re also a Verizon mobile customer. For a limited time, qualifying Verizon mobile customers can get 50% off Verizon 5G home internet, bringing the price down to an unbeatable $25 per month for high speed internet.

Verizon’s 5G Nationwide coverage spans most of the Atlanta area but there are some areas — such as pockets of the Brookwood Hills, Cabbagetown and Marietta Street Artery neighborhoods — that may be on Verizon’s 4G LTE network. 

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Atlanta internet provider details

Provider Starting price Download speed range (Mbps) Equipment cost Approximate availability CNET review score
Xfinity $25-$80 50-1,200  $14 99% 7
AT&T $55-$180 5-75 (DSL), 300-5,000 (fiber) None 95% 7.4
Verizon 5G $50-$70 300-940 None 70% N/A
T-Mobile 5G $50 35-115 None 50% N/A
Yomura Air $49-$299 100-1,000 Varies 40% N/A
Google Fiber $70-$100 1,000-2,000 None 9% 7.4

What other internet providers are there in Atlanta?

The “bests” listed above would be my first and probably only considerations for internet in Atlanta, but they’re not the only providers. Here are some other, less-available or less-recommended options that may also be available at your address.

5G home internet service from T-Mobile is available throughout about half of Atlanta, but no one neighborhood has exceptionally better coverage than another. Service starts at $50 per month for speeds ranging from 35-115Mbps. Equipment and unlimited data is included, and no contracts are required.

Ultra Home Internet
Ultra Home Internet uses T-Mobile’s network to deliver 5G home internet, so service will have the same Atlanta coverage and speeds as T-Mobile. It’s priced a bit higher at $55 per month with auto pay, so you might as well go with T-Mobile.

Like Ultra Home Internet, EarthLink piggybacks off of other networks to deliver service. In the case of Atlanta, EarthLink makes use of AT&T’s fiber and DSL networks. Pricing is a bit higher than AT&T and there are no significant advantages to choosing EarthLink over AT&T.

Yomura Air
A fixed wireless provider, Yomura Air covers “nearly 100,000 premises around Atlanta.” Service starts at $49 per month for speeds up to 100Mbps, which isn’t bad, but faster plans get pricey all the way up to $299 per month for gig service.

Satellite internet
HughesNet and Viasat are available throughout the US, including all over Atlanta, but given the other available internet options, you’ll want to stay away from the high pricing, high latency and low speeds that come with satellite internet.

Internet pricing in Atlanta

Unless you go with Xfinity, expect starting prices for internet in Atlanta to be at or above $50 per month. While more low-priced internet options would be ideal, the cost of internet in Atlanta is not bad considering the speeds that you get. Google Fiber’s entry plan, for example, starts at $70 per month but comes with speeds up to 1,000Mbps. That’s a cost per Mbps of 7 cents, which is lower than you’ll find with plans from many providers.

If you’re looking for cheap internet, I’d recommend Xfinity, at least for the first 12 months before prices increase by $20 or more. For more stable and relatively low internet pricing, consider Verizon 5G or AT&T Fiber, both of which offer speeds of up to 300Mbps (or higher with Verizon) starting at $50 and $55 per month, respectively, with no set price increase after 12 months.

Most affordable internet plans in Atlanta

Plan Starting monthly price Max download speeds (Mbps) Equipment fee
Xfinity Connect $25 50 $14 (skippable)
Yomura Air 100Mbps $49 100 Varies
Verizon 5G $50 300-940 None
T-Mobile 5G $50 35-115 None
AT&T Fiber 300 $55 300 None
EarthLink 12Mbps $50 12 $9

Low-income internet options in Atlanta

The Affordable Connectivity Program grants qualifying households $30 per month to be used for home internet service. Here’s how to apply.

Those who qualify for ACP assistance could end up getting internet for free from AT&T or Xfinity. Both providers offer an internet plan intended for low income households starting at $30 per month that, when combined with the ACP grant, comes to a net cost of $0. There are no additional equipment costs or deposits required with either plan, and both providers offer speeds up to 100Mbps. Follow the links below to learn more.

Internet speeds in Atlanta

Thanks to AT&T and Google Fiber, Atlanta residents have access to some of the fastest home internet speeds nationwide. Google Fiber has offered gig and 2-gig service in the Atlanta area for a while now, and AT&T recently raised the bar with 2Gbps and 5Gbps plans available in select areas in addition to its single gig service. Xfinity also has an impressive gig plan that comes with max download speeds of 1,200Mbps. recently placed Atlanta as the 57th fastest city in the US with tested home internet speeds of 165Mbps down and 30Mbps up. Google Fiber was the fastest provider in Atlanta with average tested speeds of 238Mbps.

High-speed internet plans in Atlanta

Plan Starting monthly price Max download speeds (Mbps) Data cap
AT&T Fiber 5000 $180 5,000 None
Google Fiber 2 Gig $100 2,000 None
Xfinity Gig $80 1,200 1.2TB
Yomura Air $299 1,000 None
Verizon 5G $50 300-940 None

Atlanta ISP data caps, contracts and added fees 

Faster internet speeds allow you to do more with your internet connection, like stream TV in 4K, on more devices, but they can also rack up the amount of data you consume each month. That won’t be a problem for many in Atlanta as all major ISPs other than Xfinity come with no data cap. If you do have Xfinity, keep an eye on your monthly data usage and aim to keep it below 1.2TB. Exceeding the cap could result in overage fees of $10 per 50GB block you go over, up to $100. The good news is that 1.2TB is a lot of data, and the average household won’t come close to using half that much data in a month.

Xfinity is the only major Atlanta provider with a data cap, and it’s also the only one that may require you to sign a contract. While not all Xfinity plans come with a contract in all areas, those in Atlanta may have to agree to a one- or two-year contract in order to get the lowest pricing.

You’ll also have higher equipment fees (potentially) with Xfinity than with other providers. Xfinity’s gateway router rental fee is $14 per month, but customers do have the option to use their own compatible equipment and skip the fee. AT&T, Google Fiber, Verizon 5G and T-Mobile 5G include the router rental in the price, so there are no added equipment fees.

Atlanta internet FAQs

Does Atlanta have fiber internet?

Yes. Fiber internet is available to roughly 68% of households in the Atlanta area. AT&T is the largest fiber provider, with service available to more than half of Atlanta homes. Google Fiber is the second largest fiber provider in the area but is only available to around 10% of households. Fiber service from either provider comes with the potential for gig download and upload speeds along with the reliability of a 100% fiber connection.

Is Xfinity or AT&T internet better?

The better provider will come down to which type of AT&T internet service you can get at your home. If AT&T Fiber is available, the speeds, reliability and overall value are likely to be better with AT&T versus Xfinity. However, if your address is only eligible for AT&T’s DSL-based service, Xfinity will be the better choice for faster speeds options and greater value. Check out our AT&T versus Xfinity comparison for more.

Is Cox available in Atlanta?

Though Cox is headquartered in Atlanta, Cox home internet service is not available to Atlanta residents. There is no significant Cox coverage in Georgia outside of the Macon area. Xfinity is the largest, and basically the only, cable internet provider in the Atlanta area.