Online Website Traffic – 2 Mistakes To Avoid When Getting Traffic Online


Make One Online Website Traffic Generation Mistake And You Will…

Of course, have your business affected and cashflow delayed for a couple of months or years. Most people try to get online website traffic in many ways more than one.

This downside is that with the vast amount of information available today there are bound to be some inaccurate stuff. Avoid these 2 mistakes when generating traffic online.

Mistake 1: Not Paying Attention To Your Mirror

Sometimes, people say that we do not realise something about ourselves because we do not look in the mirror often enough. The same goes to your websites.

Its great if you got some 3,000 unique visitors a month of so. What matters is where that traffic comes from and how long to they stay on your website.

This counts because analyzing your traffic will only give you more leverage when you plan your daily activities in the future. You want to only maximize your results with as little effort as possible.

Mistake 2: A Deal Of The Century Mansion For $200

Perhaps you’ve seen this all too many times before. You find some great offers from other fellow marketers that could get your site on the top search engines for a little less than $200.

Its like buying a mansion in the middle of nowhere for the price of an Ipod! Is this too good to be true? You bet it is. Here is why.

If that person could guarantee you and make it happen then why don’t they do it on their own website and rake in massive amounts of traffic themselves. Its sometimes good to do your own research and a planned method of action.

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