Did You Know Network Marketing Lead Generation Systems Are Over-Rated?


Are you relying on network marketing lead generation systems to grow your home business? In this article I want to give you the truth that most uplines refuse to tell you. Systems are just a tool to help you run things better, however in the long run people will join people not lead generation systems. Are you wrecking your brain trying to figure out how to grow your downline, how to bring in more cashflow, and how to recruit a mass amount of people?

For example, let’s look at the system of McDonalds and why they are so successful today. Ray Kroc knew before he started this franchise that just selling hamburgers wouldn’t be a big deal to most people. What he did realize was the importance of spreading the brand rather than the system. Kroc knew that the system would only make the business more efficient not expandable.

The same idea goes for your network marketing home business. In order to really grow and expand, you have to realize the brand is what attracts new business. Focus on branding yourself and not the system. You will do well to use the lead generation system, but don’t rely on it to bring the wealth that you desire. If you rely on the system, you do nothing but drive more attention from you to the person that created the marketing tool.

Now do you understand why network marketing lead generation systems are over-rated if you put all your time and money into them. The best way to grow your business is to give the greatest value out to the market place for free, that’s right for free. In order to get more get value, you have to give more give value. It sounds backwards right? But, it really is the truth if you trust yourself and you focus your attention on helping 10,000 people achieve their goals.

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