Does the Sciphone i68 Have WiFi Internet?

Does the Sciphone i68 Have WiFi Internet?

The Sciphone i68 has been, for the last year or so, an incredibly popular low cost alternative to an expensive smartphone. Thanks to its rounded stylish appearance, full colour touch-screen interface and numerous applications the i68 has been selling extremely well in Europe.

A sticking point for i68 users has been its lack of WiFi internet browsing though.

With thousands of wireless hotspots appearing all over the UK: in hotels, restaurants, coffee shops and workplaces the internet is available pretty much everywhere. And mobile phone users expect their phones to keep up with this technology and be able to browse the internet on the go.

The current models of i68 unfortunately do not support WiFi internet connectivity. Instead consumers connect to the internet using the WAP browser: a much slower and often more costly form of internet access provided by the mobile network.

This is all set to change this May though.

This week a new model of Sciphone i68 was unveiled publicly in the UK. Dubbed the i68 WiFi: this new version of the i68 features full wireless internet access. Connecting to wireless hotspots at home, work, in a hotel or anywhere with WiFi available this new model can browse the web, check email, send and receive instant messages and do thousands of other things with the internet. On top of this Sciphone have made many other major improvements to the i68 experience. The touch screen interface has been hugely upgraded: now offering more control and responding to the most subtle touch. The phones camera functionality has been augmented: featuring a second fully functional camera on the front for video conferencing and a flash on the back for improved lighting. And the audio playback has been enhanced with powerful stereo speakers on the bottom of the phone.

The new model i68 WiFi is set to go on sale publicly in the UK on the 1st of May 2010.

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