Essentials of Broadband Routers

Broadband router is a computer based device which is mainly used for setting up a network. The network can be either wired or a wireless network. These broadband routers are used to ensure that all the systems in a network can transmit data with each other across the broadband Internet. As the features of broadband devices are similar, you can use them for both wired and wireless networks with its support.

The main need for these types of devices is while transmitting data. These devices have the stuff to transmit data between the distinct networks as data packets. Information is mostly transmitted from one system to other as packets of data. The basic requirement of this type of transmission is that two networks are needed to connect a router. A broadband router has to be used to connect those networks to transmit data between each other. These routers are performed as a gateway for those networks.

After connecting the two networks with each other by using broadband routers, now the computer users can share the Internet access easily. The data will be directed along with the computer on local network through the Internet. Data can be exchanged even to computers which are kept at a distant. The added advantage of these broadband routers is to find out the virus attacks. The presence of a router becomes essential in a network to find out hacking threats and virus attacks. Broadband routers can be used as a filter. Most of the broadband modems are not featured with in-built security features. Therefore if you use a network without router, it may welcome on-line hackers. You can get routers with built-in firewall features. It will be useful for you to have a safe and secure wired or wire-free network.

Types of Broadband Routers
Broadband routers can be two types. One is ADSL modem router and the other is a cable routers. ADSL modem routers can only be used for ADSL broadband connections where as cable routers can also be used for cable broadband users. The mode of performance is similar in these two types of routers. The main dissimilarity between these two broadband routers is the mode of connection. ADSL Modem routers can easily be connected just by plug-in to share Internet connection. In case of cable routers, cable sockets and ports have to be used for getting the connection.

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