Google Docs Draftback to See Typing History

Google Docs Draftback to See Typing History

When learners are utilizing Google Docs you can use the Draftback Chrome extension to evaluate their edits on the document like a film. You can use this to see student development or to detect plagiarism in Google Docs.

Look at scholar edits like a film.

Draftback is a Chrome extension. It does NOT accumulate consumer data. Having said that, it might be blocked by your Google Workspace Apps Admin. Remember to make contact with them to have it unblocked considering that in many cases extensions are blocked by default by your college.

Working with Draftback

Soon after installing the Draftback Chrome extension you will see a button in the higher right of the document indicating how several revisions there are. Click on on the revision to see a movie of what seems like the scholar typing the doc.

Detect Plagiarism in Google Docs

If you suspect a university student of plagiarizing you can use Draftback to see if they pasted a significant amount of money of text at the moment. See in the animation over that it displays typing character by character.

If you are a Google Classroom user you can also use the plagiarism device. It only functions on Google Docs, as does Draftback.

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