Google is revising the way it ranks product reviews

Google is again revising the policy to rank the product reviews on the Google search results. People search billions of times and product reviews are one of the most important things to determine the quality of the product.

People get to know about the product, real-time experience, and proper know-how. However, over the past few months, the quality of product reviews was declining. So, Google revised the policy of ranking the product reviews.

More impartial, detailed, and comprehensive product reviews will be visible in the top Google searches. Helpful information comparisons of different products would rank the product reviews even higher.

Yet, this is not a single scale of ranking. There can be multitudes of other factors, such as SEO of the content, sales copywriting, and visually immersive graphics and videos. These are all things when coalescing with the quality of the product attract the buyers.

New Google criteria for ranking product reviews

Google’s Perry Liu in an official blog post said, “to make sure that product reviews in search meet certain criteria.” In this blog, Liu has conveyed the criteria of ranking the product reviews:

  • Include all the essential information about the product. Such as the drawbacks, benefits, and how the new product is better than the previous versions.
  • The reviews must come from the people who have used it. Moreover, if the product reviews have shown some physical shape, this can help in ranking even more.
  • Besides, the information about the product, unique experience is more beneficial. Visual, audio, and links to meaningful content can contribute towards more reliance.
  • Elaborate lucidly why the product differs from other similar products.

This change can drastically affect the ranking of many existing product reviews. Especially in the English Language. Moreover, over the next few weeks, the company will roll out the updates throughout Google.

New best practices for product reviews

These updates can benefit those who have the finest and most detailed product reviews. In a separate blog post, Google has highlighted the new best practices for the product reviews:

  • Audio, video, visuals, and other helpful links about the product. To support the authenticity of the experience, it can act as a catalyst in the client’s reliance on the product.
  • Include the links to other sellers to give an independent choice of purchase to the reader.

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, digital transformation has taken place unprecedentedly. The trends have taken a drastic shift from the physical realm to virtual reality. That’s why people who use the internet for the sake of entertainment use it more vociferously for daily life accessories.

Wrap up

Online product hunting has become a normal routine and now, amid the rising criticism over the search ranking policies, Google has changed the product reviews ranking policy. In the new policy, only the most comprehensive, accurate, and transparent reviews will rank high in Google Search.

Through this rigorous process, Google will identify high-quality product reviews to help the customers.