Green Township cuts ties with internet provider

Supervisor says Skyweb has history of not paying bills


GREEN TOWNSHIP — After about five years of providing wireless internet services to Green Township residents, Skyweb was served with a notice of termination for being close to $8,000 behind on rent.

“Skyweb is providing wireless internet off of our tower. They have been for many years,” Township Supervisor Jim Chapman said. “However, they have a long history of not paying their bills and not taking care of their stuff.”

The Green Township Board of Trustees was informed of the notice of termination during its meeting this week.

“They’ve been disconnected two or three times and allowed to come back for nonpayment, and then come back and reconnected once they paid up, and now they’re almost $8,000 behind now and (we’ve) just run out of patience,” Chapman said.

As well as being behind in rent, Chapman said the township has had issues trying to get a company employee sent over to move Skyweb’s radios into the right areas they are renting on the township’s internet tower. So far, Chapman said the township has yet to see the radios moved into their rightful areas.

“We have trouble being able to rent (space) to other companies as long as they are mounted on there in that type of a manner,” he said. “The end result is that ISI finally got tired of it and sent them a notice of termination.”

According to Chapman, Skyweb was served with a notice of termination a few weeks ago, with their final days of employment coming up.

“It’s not easy,” he said. “It’s like anything else, dealing with a company that you’ve dealt with that goes under — it does cause complications, and we regret that, but there are other options.”

Though this change will affect some residents, Chapman said other internet options will still be available to them, including Casair, Hughesnet and ISI.