Harry Potter’s Geography and Mapping Lesson Plans: Add a Little Magic to your Lesson Plans


Lesson plans for mapping and geography can be inspired from the Harry Potter series of books. Harry Potter was very lucky when Ron’s twin brothers gave him a magical map. This map showed him all the inside passageways at Hogwarts school including the grounds. As well it showed Every person’s location as they walked through these passageways. Why not introduce some of these ideas in your science lesson plans or geography lessons for your class? Start with the story of Harry Potter and his magical map.

We know that there are no maps such as those used at Hogwarts school for us in our world, but many of our technological advances today employ GPS technology. Modern technology can pin point where we are and give us directions to where we want to go. Is this magic? No it is not. What is the technology that GPS uses in cars, boats and airplanes? Ask these questions in your lesson plans on mapping and geography.

Science lesson plans for cartography or map making can teach children how maps are made. Perhaps a lesson plan can include the mapping of your school including elevations if it has more than a ground floor. Or your students can make a map of their neighborhood. As well as streets remember to include important features such as bus stops, fire hydrants, parks and important buildings.

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