How Does a Web Server Speed Impact Business Revenue?

Why Server Speed Is Important in Increasing Revenues - Hibu

What is feel likes if your visitors aren’t able to access your NZ website due to slow loading speed? According to a survey of 1500 people, 89% dislike revisiting the same website. 

Downtime can be one reason; there are more, such as website security, performance, and more which will result in a drastic loss of visitors, reputation, and revenue if not up to the mark.  

So that’s why reliable web hosting and domain are required to build an online presence, especially the web server in the website hosting.

And with this fast-paced world, users will expect fast and seamless browsing experiences, which can be achieved using reliable New Zealand Web Hosting servers. 

That’s why with the help of NZ Web Host, businesses have prioritized the web server’s speed. And in this article, we will learn the impact of web server speed on business revenue.

Impact of Web Server Speed On Business Revenue

Investing in an excellent web server from a reliable Web Hosting company significantly helps you increase performance, traffic, and overall revenue. Here is how :

  1. User Experience And Conversion Rate

Web server speed directly influences the user experience and conversion rate because a study found that 53% of mobile users leave a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

In addition in, every one-second delay in page load time leads to a 7% decrease in conversion rates. 

It clearly shows how the Slow web servers will lead to a significant loss in the potential visitors and revenue of the business.

  1. Search Engine Ranking

A good web server also has the power to enhance your website’s search engine ranking, as the SEO algorithm considers the page load time as one of the ranking factors to rank your website. 

So, if your website isn’t able to rank, then it will not be able to get a significant number of visitors.

  1. Mobile Responsiveness

In 2022 a study finds mobile devices accounted for over 60% of website traffic, compared to 39% for desktops and tablets. 

This data reflect how much mobile responsiveness has become a critical aspect of web server speed. And also, most mobile Shoppers are unlikely to read visits on a slow-performing website. 

So a good web server will ensure that your website will be optimized for mobile responsiveness,  which helps significantly in rising revenue by retaining your mobile users and driving conversions.

  1. Ad Revenue And User Engagement

According to Google research, if your webpage takes one to five seconds to load, the probability of bouncing rate will increase by 90%. 

So if the user spends less time on your website, then the engagement with the ad decreases, resulting in decreased Ad Impressions and CTR, and ultimately, it affects the revenue significantly.

  1. Competitive Advantage

In this competitive digital world, businesses must stand out and strive in the market by providing the best User experience. 

And this can be attainable if you invest in Website Hosting costs to get good-quality web servers and speed. 


In short, web server speed directly impacts business revenue by influencing factors such as User experience, SEO rankings, conversion rate, and more. 

So it will become essential for businesses to look for the best web server speed and the same browsing experience to enhance overall customer satisfaction and boost revenue.

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