How Does an Electromagnetic Pen-Based Interactive Whiteboard Work?

How Does an Electromagnetic Pen-Based Interactive Whiteboard Work?

Many people would get puzzled as to how the interactive whiteboard works to deliver results. The mechanism of action is plain simple in reality. It has wires that transmit information to the back of a board surface which interacts with a stylus coil to determine how the information is to be relied. There are pens available that alter the electricity signals that are relayed across the board hence making it possible for the mouse to track the pointer when it’s brought to the surface of the board.

When the pen is pressed on the bought, simple information is send through the cables or wireless to the mouse to click the computer that’s used to control the operations of the interactive whiteboard. What’s surprising is that the pen is not just an ordinary pen since it also has a right click part that you can use to control some other parts of the whiteboard.

The right click mouse will help reduce the errors that would be occasioned by the user leaning on the interactive whiteboard hence making it preferred by the artists who would go a long way in using it while making their presentations.

This interactive whiteboard can be used effectively to relay information in an easy and interesting way such as in classrooms, corporate boardrooms, music shows, marketing campaigns and also when performing recorded plays in remote areas where small machines such as computers are supported. It applies the principle of electromagnetism to deliver the best results, unlike other conventional methods. These whiteboards are the altars of knowledge in the 21st century.

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