How to Build a Successful Network Marketing Business – Step 3 Marketing System

How to Build a Successful Network Marketing Business – Step 3 Marketing System

Now you are clear on your goals it’s time to put a plan in place to achieve success in your network marketing business. The difference between success and failure is whether you work the proven plan or system.

Every successful network marketing business has a proven marketing system for you to follow. You only have to learn it and take the time to understand it so you have the knowledge and confidence to share it with others.
Once you are confident that you understand the system, plan your first twelve months by making these decisions and write them down:

a. What monthly income will I be earning in twelve months?
b. What level must I be to achieve this income?
c. What must I do to reach this level?
d. How much time must I invest each day, each week to reach and maintain this level?
e. What is my monthly marketing budget?

Set yourself a weekly personal sales target based on where you want to be and how quickly you want to get there. Remember you will not always have people join your team who will duplicate your results that’s why it’s so important that you stay focused on your PERSONAL ACTIVITY!!

Next task is to decide on how you are going to market your business and what sort of monthly budget you have to spend. I do advise you to choose at least 3 to 4 methods of marketing and work them together, this way if one method is not bringing you results you have the other two to three to work with.

Be realistic with your budget. If you are strapped for cash than you need to choose no or low cost advertising methods like, flyers, posters, walk and talk (talking to your friends and family) social media on the internet like writing articles, press releases, video marketing, and so many more (very effective when you are new to the business). If you have some money to spend you may like to do newspaper advertising but seriously I would suggest starting a small ppc (pay per click) campaign on google, yahoo or bing as your market is much larger, with this form of marketing you will of course need a website or landing page for your prospective clients to look at.

The main thing is to decide on which methods you will use and get moving because if you are just starting 99.9% of your time will be spent marketing or generating leads (potential clients).

Marketing yourself and your business is the absolute key to building a successful network marketing business!

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