How to Build a System For Your MLM Network Marketing Business


In Network Marketing, MLM, you earn money by making personal sales and recruiting people, training them to make sales so you can earn overriding commissions.

But a new comer into this industry will require lots of MLM training and guidance from the upline, and sometimes it is not possible to be available to help and guide them through the initial phase of the career all the time.

That’s why a systematic, easily duplicable system for new networkers to follow should be planned and put in place.

A good duplicable system should consist of;
– Goal Setting
– Action Plans
– Prospecting List
– Presentation kit
– Prospecting methods
– Objections handling

Each component should be easy and clear to execute, stating the requirements of each components.
Don’t assume that every person that comes into the industry are totally motivated and disciplines to achieve sales on their own. You as a mentor to them need to guide them and introduce them to how the business works.

For one, Network Marketing/ MLM is not the easiest thing to promote, so you need to get them prepared for rejections and objections.

You should also note that systems are dead systems without anyone executing them. And It requires you to practise and execute them so that your downlines can pick up the skills and system and then pass on to their downlines.

This creates a more manageable MLM network for you. You can conduct trainings easily, you can monitor progress easily.

Most important thing is that you need to be an example to your downlines to follow and be strict with the system. Spend some time teaching your downline on how to execute the system so they can follow and pass it on to their downlines.

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