How to open Doc’s secret room and repair the Tracker (The Slums)

Once you’ve found the four Outsider’s Notebooks in Stray, Momo will ask you to install the Transceiver on the radio tower. After that harrowing experience, an excited Momo is ready to chat with peeps in other locations. Unfortunately, he’s encountered a few issues and you’ll have to aid him again. Here’s our Stray guide to help you with the code to open Doc’s secret room so you can repair the Tracker.

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Stray guide – How to open Doc’s secret room and repair the Tracker

The code for Doc’s secret room

Upon your return to Momo’s apartment in the Slums, you’re told to meet him in the bar. There, Momo attempts to connect a computer to the network, but one of the drunk patrons, Seamus, says that it’s of no use. You’ll find out that Seamus is the son of Doc (one of Momo’s fellow Outsiders).

Follow Momo to reach Seamus’ house. Then, go through the crawlspace and give him Doc’s Notebook.

Stray Doc's Secret Room Seamus Elliot Poncho Tracker 1a

You’ll learn of Doc’s secret room in Stray, right in Seamus’ home. To unlock it, scratch the pictures that are hanging on the wall to make them fall off. One will reveal a keypad, and another has a clue saying: “Time Will Tell.”

Go ahead and check the hour hands of the four clocks. Key in the code: 2-5-1-1.

Stray Doc's Secret Room Seamus Elliot Poncho Tracker 1b

Investigate Doc’s secret room with Marty Seamus. You can hop on one of the shelves and push the box to pick up the Tracker.

Show the Tracker to Seamus and he’ll say that it’s broken.

Stray Doc's Secret Room Seamus Elliot Poncho Tracker 1c

Repairing the Tracker

When you ask other NPCs about the item, they’ll say that only one person who’s well-versed in tech would be able to fix it. As such, to repair the Tracker in Stray, you’ll have to talk to none other than Elliot. You’ll find his shop in the street to the left of the bar (next to a couple of bots that are sitting on the pavement).

Note: There’s a good chance that you’ve already met Elliot if you’ve been looking for Sheet Music or the Safe’s Mysterious Password.

Strcat Sms Secrm Trc 1

Anyway, Elliot recognizes the Tracker’s design and says that he can repair it. Unfortunately, he’s also extremely cold and he needs something that can keep him warm.

Note: If you haven’t obtained them yet, you’ll need to get the Super Spirit Detergent and Electric Cable. At the end of that whole process, the Grandma bot will give you a Poncho that Elliot can wear.

Strcat Sms Secrm Trc 2

After Elliot repairs the Tracker, talk to Seamus and follow him to the edge of the Slums. He’ll open a passageway to a creepy area filled with muck and decay. Looks like you’ll be encountering more Zurks here.

Strcat Sms Secrm Trc 3

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