How to pick the best domain name for your online business

7 tips to help you choose a good domain | blog

Picking the best domain name for your online business can be quite challenging. While you may browse through Huge Domains  and similar websites to have an idea on the one to settle for, understanding the importance of suitable domain names cannot be overemphasized. It will greatly assist you in choosing the best. You must read honest hosting providers reviews  to also know the best hosting provider that offers the best value for money in the market.

Why is it important to choose the best domain name, you may want to ask? Domain names communicate crucial information about your website to humans and search engine bots alike. It is one of the major things that separates your online business website from the rest.  

Here are extremely important tips to choose the best domain name for your online business:

1.    Let it contain important keywords relating to your business.

Keywords allow search engines to identify the content of your website or blog. Whether you are selling products or offering services online a domain name containing important keywords relating to your business allows your website to take great advantage of Search Engine Optimization  to rank higher on google and attract more traffic and customers. Have you ever guessed what an online business does through its domain name? It is possible to know what an online business does if its domain name contains keywords or phrases relating to the crux of the business.

2.    Make it short, simple, and easy to pronounce.

It is ideal to make your domain name short and easy to remember. It is a bad idea to choose one that sounds like some plant’s botanical name for instance. It will be difficult to pronounce, spell, and most importantly difficult to remember by the potential customer which will no doubt lead to loss of traffic. Another advantage of a short and easy to pronounce domain name is that it will be easy to share and is more suitable for creating a business email. You should also avoid using hyphens and double letters. 

3.    Consider using a domain name generator.

Domain name generators allow you to generate unique, and brilliant domain names from millions of registered ones on the internet. This easy to use generator can be easily accessed online with little or no cost.

4.    Register and host as quickly as possible.

There is fierce competition in the business world. According to statistics, there are about 30.7 million small businesses in the US alone. A delay in registering and hosting your domain name will increase the risk of it being snatched by thousands of businesses in dire need of it. 

5.    Be creative about it.

Think of your business domain name as a brand that sells your business better than an advertisement. Being creative with it sets you apart from the crowd. Domain name generators will aid your creativity in this regard.

Other tips to follow are:

•    Have a bias for popular domain name extension like .com, .net, etc.,

•    Buy online.