How to Pick the Most SEO Friendly CMS For Your Website [Podcast]

You can build a solid foundation for your SEO efforts by choosing the right content management system (CMS).

Ideally, you should select a platform that allows you to optimize your website’s on-page and technical SEO.

Mordy Oberstein, head of SEO branding at, joined me on the SEJ Show to discuss the direction of the CMS vis-a-vis SEO and what to look for in an SEO-friendly CMS solution.

You’ll get insights into a good CMS that will cover the technical details that ensure your site appears on a search.

Every platform has its logic. It’s like using an SEO tool. –Mordy Oberstein, 33:36

There are SMBs who don’t have that luxury of paying, you know, hundreds of dollars an hour for an SEO to come in. But a good CMS will take care of the technical things to ensure your site’s indexable. –Mordy Oberstein, 8:38

That 60% of a customer base, you’re not going to expect them to be able to implement the most advanced customized SEO settings. Giving them the ability to rank is step one. –Loren Baker, 13:05

00:00 – About Mordy
08:26 – How many users are business owners?
​​18:27 – How integrated is PageSpeed in Wix?
24:30 – Pros and cons of closed and open CMS.
29:57 – About WordPress plugin vulnerability.
32:21 – Weaknesses of closed CMS solutions vs. open CMS.
34:31 – Differences Mordy has noticed when working for tools like Semrush and Rank Ranger vs. CMS brands like Wix.
39:52 – Tools Mordy has been working on the Wix backend.
41:39 – The best SEO toolkits.
45:24 – Is Mordy an active Bing Webmaster Tools user?

Resources mentioned:
SEO Clarity –
Wappalyzer –
Detailed –
Google Search Console –
SEO Rant Podcast –

There’s so much investment, whether Shopify or Wix or whatever it is around SEO. But, just from our user base, the hottest topic among our users is SEO, hands down. –Mordy Oberstein, 14:48

Performance, to me, is a conversion issue. More than is an SEO issue. –Mordy Oberstein, 21:46

​​There are some great SEO tools out there that have horrible usability. And then some have excellent usability, but maybe not the best data. And then some have the perhaps not the best of both worlds, but it works on both sides. So it’s finding your sweet spot. –Loren Baker, 34:00

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Mordy is a seasoned SEO expert and has been integral to the Wix brand. He currently serves as their Head of Branding and formerly served as the company’s SEO Liaison and their SEO advisory board member.

As a communications advisor, Mordy also guides how businesses use Semrush to gain visibility among competitors.

Being the SEO expert, he’s also created podcasts and Twitter chats to bring attention and knowledge on this topic into everyone’s lives!

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