HughesNet Will Provide Everything Necessary For High Speed Internet


Sometimes an average service just won’t do when it comes to meeting your needs. Take Internet service providers for example. When choosing an Internet service provider in , you can typically choose among broadband digital cable, DSL, and dial up. All of these service have their disadvantages though. Take broadband digital cable for example. With a cable based Internet connection your home or business has to be within the service area of the cable company, and in order to get the broadband Internet service, you’ll probably have to pay for cable TV service as well- regardless of whether or not you want it. Access to DSL isn’t as limited geographically as access to cable is, but it isn’t as fast as broadband digital cable and its speed, availability, and price are largely governed by the phone lines that are used in any given area. Of the three technologies mentioned above, dial up Internet access is easily the most widely available, but it’s so pathetically slow that it’s frustrating for anything more data intensive than text transmission. Even dial up is geographically limited by access to phone lines.

So what do you do if you need high speed Internet service, but the conventional offerings just won’t do? The answer is simple: go with HughesNet high speed Internet service. HughesNet has one important difference from other Internet service providers: while all of the others use some kind of wired connection, be it a cable, phone line, or even fiber optics, HughesNet uses satellite technology to provide you with a connection to the Internet!

Satellite technology has many advantages that allow it to get around the problems associated with other modes of connecting to the Internet. The most obvious advantage is that HughesNet high speed Internet in operates independently of phone lines or cables, which means that it’s available just about everywhere. In fact, with HughesNet, the only thing that you need in addition to your own computer, is a clear view of the southern sky and a source of electricity for the equipment. HughesNet will provide everything else necessary including a special satellite dish that can send as well as receive satellite signals and a special satellite modem.

All of this combines to provide connection speeds of up to 1.5 megabytes per second for homes and up to 2 megabytes per second for businesses. This will provide tremendous freedom to use the Internet as a source of entertainment, information, and even possibly give you the opportunity to start your own home business in . These enormous download speeds mean that you’ll be able to download plenty of digital music, and even videos, with ease. You’ll also be able to easily post your own digital photos, sound bytes, and videos on the web to create a real and tangible web presence whether your starting your own business or just sharing your activities with friends.

HughesNet rounds out its service by providing plenty of complimentary services like web hosting, domain parking, domain based email, and great security software. All of these extra services will go a long way toward making your Internet experience the best it can possibly by. If you have greater than average needs when it comes to accessing the Internet, you can rely on HughesNet for a greater than average level of service and flexibility.

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