INOLEX expands its global patent portfolio of novel alkylhydroxamic acid technology


Advancing protected and progressive preservation solutions in attractiveness and particular care

INOLEX has expanded its present world wide patent portfolio of novel alkylhydroxamic acid technologies with the issuance of quite a few new patents directed to the use of caprylhydroxamic acid and connected alkylhydroxamic acids for preservation of beauty, natural beauty, and particular treatment formulations.

Caprylhydroxamic acid (CHA) is a 100% organic and quickly biodegradable chelating agent that efficiently binds iron ions, resulting in a sturdy fungistatic effect. Furthermore, its C8 acyl carbon chain imparts bacteriostatic character. The blend of these homes presents robust preservation effects in formulations by producing an setting that inhibits microbial expansion.

Combinations of CHA with medium chain terminal diols (MCTDs) are perfect for microbial handle in beauty formulations, as shown by INOLEX’s portfolio of protected, wide spectrum preservation answers.

The freshly issued US Patent US11291204B2 is titled “Preservatives for cosmetic, toiletry and pharmaceutical compositions” and covers preservation compositions having a C6, C8, C10, or C12 alkylhydroxamic acid, such as CHA, in mixture with a assortment of medium chain terminal diols these kinds of as caprylyl glycol glyceryl caprylate and caprylyl glyceryl ether.

According to Michael J. Fevola, PhD, VP Investigation & Progress and Solution Stewardship at INOLEX, “The innovation enabled by INOLEX’s patents, using synergistic combos of multifunctional elements as vital elements of a hurdle engineering method, is displacing regular biocidal techniques to preservation. Our platforms offer developments that minimize toxicological threats and environmental impact, creating a new typical for makes to reach protected and helpful preservation of cosmetics and personalized care solutions.”

INOLEX items coated by this patent are available underneath the Spectrastat model, and include things like Spectrastat, Spectrastat G2 All-natural MB, Spectrastat CGE Normal MB, and Spectrastat MHG All-natural MB.

In addition to the aforementioned patent, the firm has expanded the world arrive at of its alkylhydroxamic acid portfolio with Chinese Patent CN107595662B, titled “Synergistic compositions, formulations and relevant procedures for lowering ultraviolet-induced lipid peroxidation”, and handles synergistic compositions of alkylhydroxyamic acids, including CHA, with antioxidants to minimize ultraviolet-induced lipid peroxidation.

The patent also claims alkylhydroxamic acids in mix with antioxidants together with ascorbic acid sodium ascorbyl phosphate ascorbyl palmitate tocopherols (vitamin E) tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E acetate) butylated hydroxytoluene butylated hydroxyanisole resveratrol quercetin uric acid carotenes glutathione melatonin and mixtures thereof.

An added patent software in Europe for the use of mixtures of alkyl ethers of glycerol and CHA in beauty and dermatological formulations is pending. This software compliments an existing portfolio of patents in Europe, obtained by INOLEX, that go over the use of CHA in programs including hair styling with versatile maintain, dandruff manage in mixture with sorbic acid, and combos of CHA with fragrant alcohols. INOLEX components protected by the latter include things like Phenostat, Benzostat, and Aromastat.

The breadth of INOLEX’s patented know-how underscores the company’s ongoing motivation to advancing the discipline of protected, successful, and sustainable possibilities for preservation of formulated goods.

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