Know about zonbase product research tools

Zonbase Review (vs Jungle Scout & Helium 10) (March 2022)

The first step in selling your products on any online platform is to research what you want to offer. Choosing the appropriate things to market could be the difference between success and failure for your company. If you make the right decision, your winning product will likely make you any money. You can read the Zonbase Review to know more. However, if you make a poor decision, you risk losing your initial money commitment. This is why you should read this comprehensive Zonbase review.

There are usually two processes involved when looking for successful things to sell on Amazon: 

  • Finding products with high-profit potential and sourcing them from a source from scratch. You’ll get your products from a manufacturer if you’re selling under your brand. This company can improve the product, add your label and logo, and turn it into a serious competitor. If you’re a reseller, you’ll go to a supplier and get the exact things you want. Checking Amazon reviews on every product you’re interested in is one approach to confirming your purchasing choices.
  • You are validating existing product concepts. Even if you are confident in your items, you must ensure that they have profit potential. Validation is the only way to do this, and it can be done in a variety of ways.

Different types of product research tools

It has several product research tools to meet these requirements: ZonResearch, Chrome Extension, Hot Products, and Sales Estimator are some of the tools available.

  1. ZonResearch

One of the most popular tools in the Zonbase software bundle is ZonResearch. With only a few clicks of a button, you can sort through Amazon’s whole database. You can use this tool to search their database of over 400 million products for profitable items that satisfy your requirements.

  1. Chrome Extension

Browser extensions are one of the most common ways to review Amazon sales data. First and foremost, they are incredibly light and simple to use. It may be used on nearly any computer because it does not require the installation of an extensive program that takes up space. Second, it’s straightforward to use. When you need to utilize them, click their icon in the URL bar to turn them on and off. 

  1. Hot Products

Do you want to know the most popular and best-selling things on Amazon at any particular time? There’s a page called Amazon Best Sellers where you can quickly look for the best-selling items in any category. While their best-sellers list is a great way to find hot items, the competition is often fierce. The Hot Products tool is an excellent resource for discovering untapped product prospects.

  1. Sales Estimator 

Do you have any product suggestions? Do you know what ASINs those products have? The most straightforward approach to putting these basic ideas to work for you is combining them and using Sales Estimator. Sellers can use the Sales Estimator tool to see how many sales a given product gets in a month. You have to type in the ASIN of the product you’re looking for in the search field. You can also choose the marketplace you want your data to come to.