Mebr3500 – A Single Router For Both Broadband Internet and 3G Network

Mebr3500 – A Single Router For Both Broadband Internet and 3G Network

Typically you need a broadband router to share the Internet access from either Cable or ADSL services. What if you need to share 3g network? You cannot use the same router; you need special 3g router that supports the 3g modem. Is there any single router device that can be used for both wired WAN access and 3g network? Yes, you need Netgear Mebr3500 cellular router.

When you build a wireless network in home to share your Cable or DSL broadband Internet connection, you need a wireless router and connected to the existing Cable or DSL modem. You can only create Wi-Fi network and share the broadband internet only if the Cable or ADSL services are available in your area. What if you have problem with the availability of Cable or DSL broadband services in your area? You still can create Wi-Fi network to share the Internet with your colleagues only if you can access the cellular or 3g network in that area.

Creating the Wi-Fi network with the availability of the 3g network, you need a special 3g router which supports the 3g modem such as DIR-450/451 D Link. You cannot use this router to create Wi-Fi network based on DSL/Cable services, its different router. On the hand, you cannot use Cable or DSL router to create Wi-Fi network based on 3g network. They are different routers, even though they can be used to create the same Wi-Fi network, but each has different input port.

Cellular routers need 3g/4g modem to receive the cellular network from the nearest 3g base tower via the air and extend it wirelessly for others to share the internet access. While Cable or DSL routers need the WAN input from Cable or DSL modem which receives the internet access using wired connection (local loop) to the nearest central office of the ISP. You are stuck with the wired to create Wi-Fi internet network. With 3g routers, you can create Wi-Fi network with the absent of DSL or Cable services, anywhere, anytime as long as you can access the 3g network in the area.

The question is: is there a single router device that can be used to create Wi-Fi Internet network or hotspots based on both 3g network and Cable or DSL services? Yes, Netgear Mebr3500 Mobile Broadband Router with 802.11n, GE LAN and GE WAN.

What This Product Does

Netgear Mebr3500 cellular router is a single solution to create Wi-Fi internet network that includes the following functions:

• USB WAN port for 2.5G or 3G Wireless Data Modem (supports over 20 compatible models)
• Single Gigabit Ethernet port for wired WAN such as DSL / Cable services
• 4-Gigabit Ethernet LAN Ports for high speed wired connections up to 4 computers
• 802.11n Wi-Fi Access Point with WPS supports
• Firewall for internet threats protection

Mebr3500 cellular router is a versatile router. In home with your wired DSL or Cable broadband internet access, you can create wireless network and share the internet with multiple computers within the household. While on the go, you can still use the same router to create hotspots by using your 3g modem and the availability of the 3g – cellular network.

With this router, you can get both benefits of Cable/DSL high speed internet access and the easiness of creating Wi-Fi internet access while on the go. With the Cellular routers, you can get the benefits of versatility of the router such as:

1. Internet Access by Commuters: By installing the 3G Mobile Router on a train, bus or even a boat, you can allow passengers to access the Internet and enhance their experience while commuting

2. Special Events: With a 3G Mobile Router you can share a 3G Internet connection with your group when you are on the go for work or play. Whether you are at an industry convention, off-site meeting, sporting event, or backstage at a concert, the 3G Mobile Router can keep your personnel and guests in touch with the world.

3. Access Private Networks: Government employees or corporate users can create a wireless network and provide colleagues with remote access to their secure private networks

4. Emergency Response: Whether you are providing relief for a natural disaster or coordinating the rescue of a lost hiker, you can quickly set up a wireless network.

The MEBR3500 cellular router gives you instant internet connectivity with or without wires, and works with your existing 802.11g/b devices as well as your new 802.11n devices. With your compatible external 3G USB Modem from Huawei, Novatel or Sierra Wireless, this Router provides direct, always-on Internet connectivity and multi-user access sharing at 3G downstream speeds. While in home with Cable or DSL services, the MEBR3500 still can give you Wi-Fi internet network and 3g network as the backup.

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