Network Marketing Online – Creating A Constant Flow Of Hot Prospects

Network Marketing Online – Creating A Constant Flow Of Hot Prospects

Nowadays online marketing of your business is absolutely essential, particularly a network marketing business.

Without an online presence you are lost to literally millions of buyers and new business associates who are looking for what you have to offer. By making full use of the internet to promote your network marketing business you have at your fingertips the most effective marketing tool of all – selling on autopilot. Putting your business on remote control means that you are making sales and creating new leads 24/7. All you have to do is set up your system in a way that will magnetically attract prospects to come to you.

But what’s the best way of achieving this?

Before you begin with your advertising and marketing, you need a landing page, also known as a capture page. The sole purpose of a landing page is to capture the contact details of your visitors in order to begin a relationship with them. It should not be filled with too much information – for example if your network marketing company provides you with a replicated website this is not where you want to be sending people in the first instance.

What you need is a page that is unique to you and offers visitors something worth having – a free e-book or report with genuinely useful information. In order to receive this information your visitors must provide you with their contact details. There are hundreds of free e-books on the net which give you free distribution rights so you can safely pass them on to others without infringing any copyright laws.

It is a simple matter to create a landing page – nowadays there is site building software that allows you to put a very professional page together with no web design knowledge whatsoever. If you can type, you can design a web page!

Your page needs to be different to those of other affiliates in your MLM or network marketing company. It needs to offer visitors something that they are sufficiently keen to obtain that they are willing to give you their name and email address in order to get it.

You will have heard the old saying, “the gold is in the list”. Once you have captured the contact details of your visitor you have now been given their permission to begin a relationship with them and provide them with useful advice and information. This way you have positioned yourself as an expert, a leader. Your conversion rate will be much greater by this method than if you were simply driving visitor traffic to your replicated company website.

So you’ve created a unique capture page – how do you attract visitors? The key is to attract visitors to you by advertising in the places your prospects will be.
You can use search engine advertisements, article marketing, place ads in ezines, solo ads and so on.

You need to calculate a monthly budget for your advertising and begin testing one or two marketing methods and constantly track your results.

It sounds simple but too few people follow this rule: if something is working and bringing results, do more of it. If it’s not working, stop doing it! The methods you are using need to generate a regular stream of traffic to your site each and every day. A handful of visitors here and there will not bring you the results you need.

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