RSS Technology to Empower Your Website

RSS Technology to Empower Your Website

There are many online sources explaining what is RSS and how syndication can contribute to achieve your goals, whatever they are. It is not just financial success, but earn authority on a topic, exposure in a competitive field, or simply spread the word about your projects and dreams.

Whatever your goal is, adding RSS feeds to your website is step forward to attain it. Although there are many RSS Feed generators that run either as a desktop applications or as online generators, the best way to syndicate your content is letting your core system creates the feeds you need to keep people updated.

This is not a problem if your website is based on blog publishing systems such as WordPress, Movable Type, or TypePad, just to name a few. These publishing systems can generate feeds automatically from blog posts and pages that you publish, and only require a minor adjustment in the desired feed format (full or summary text) that can be done through their integrated control panel.

Content Management Systems (CMSes) and Forum software may also include the option to generate RSS feeds so it is just matter to find the right platform for your website. Of course and whether your choice is, considering these options may involve rebuilding your website from the scratch.

Even though, if you are satisfies with your actual website design and it is based on simple HTML pages or was coded using any programming language that left aside RSS, the option for you is get a web developer reworking the source code to make possible the generation and distribution of RSS feeds, what might involve time and money to get the job done.

Now that you know there are two main pathways to syndicate your content, stop for a moment and think, what is more convenient for your and your visitors? Consider that your actual layout can be transformed into the layout of a publishing system or CMS. If you are still unsure to decide, perhaps you are needing to test some applications before actually attempt to start a dramatic website change. A good online website to test scripts with RSS capabilities is, where you can find live demos to play with.

Content distribution via RSS feeds cannot only reach people who surf the web from their computers, but also to the owner of cellular phones and other handheld devices. RSS can arrive to an email client with RSS capabilities, but without being filtered by the spam control or ISP denial.

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