Seo Hyun-Jin Plays A Successful Lawyer Who Lost Her Way In ‘Why Her?’

Oh Soo-jae is an outstanding lawyer. She almost never loses a case, even if the men and women she defends are entitled to jail time. She will do whatever it takes to shield her customers, with no compunctions about earning their victims appear lousy. Her stellar achievement price will make her a precious commodity for the corrupt elite. On the floor Soo-jae is cool and gathered, but her conscience ought to need to have dulling simply because her water bottle is often crammed with wine.

Soo-Jae, performed by Search engine marketing Hyun-jin, only has 1 desire. It is to get to the top rated and she’s about 50 % way there, as she’s now established to turn out to be the CEO of TK Legislation Business. Even so, she neglected critical techniques in generating her ascent. Established to stand out in a regulation firm not variety to feminine lawyers, particularly these with an unconventional track record, she didn’t hassle earning any male allies. She’s not only a ruthless opponent when dealing with prosecutors. She also ruthlessly exposes the weaknesses of her fellow attorneys. So, when she unwittingly gets to be involved in a scandal, no law firm at the firm stands up for her. Choi Tae-kook (Heo Jun-ho), the chairman of TK Legislation Business, sends her absent to teach at a regulation university.

Soo-jae also proves to be a charismatic trainer, impressing her learners and in certain the idealistic young Gong Chan, played by Hwang In-yeop. He falls in adore with her. Soo-jae also applied to be idealistic and Gong Chan’s devotion may perhaps be just what it normally takes to revive her sense of justice and get her career—and life—back on keep track of. This tense legal drama has a lot to present in phrases of character growth and the promising chemistry amongst the leads. His idealism and her legal competencies could show to be a profitable combination.

Search engine optimization, who this calendar year can be seen actively playing a woman with Alzheimer’s in the movie Cassiopia, has appeared in various popular dramas, together with Temperature of Love, You Are My Spring and Dr. Intimate. Hwang appeared in the dramas Correct Beauty, The Seem of Magic and The Tale of Nokdu. Heo appeared in the film Escape From Mogadishu, as very well as the dramas Snowdrop, Kingdom and The Participant.

Why Her? also stars Bae In-hyuk, Ji Seung-hyun, Lee Joo-woo and Kim Sunlight-hyuk.