SEO National to Help Sleep Sense Drive Up Search Engine Visibility

SEO National helps companies around the country drive more organic traffic to their websites. The SEO firm is welcoming its latest client: Sleep Sense, a company devoted to training pediatric sleep consultants.

SEO National is helping companies increase website traffic and conversions without running expensive ad campaigns. Instead, they use strategic search engine optimization to help businesses open the flood gates to new customers.

SEO National is proud to welcome its newest customer: Sleep Sense. The company trains sleep consultants, equipping them to start their own businesses helping babies and toddlers sleep through the night.

Damon Burton, SEO National President, said he is excited to be working with a company filling such a critical need around the country.

“I’ve been there with my own kids feeling the emotional and cognitive drain of sleeplessness with a new baby or a toddler who suddenly decides they’re done sleeping through the night,” said Burton. “This company has much to offer to aspiring sleep consultants and to the American families who need their services to restore order to their home. We’re really excited to ramp up online visibility for this important company.”

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As the author of “Outrank,” a bestselling guide for harnessing more organic traffic, Damon Burton is a go-to source for search engine optimization expertise and has been consulted by such publications as Search Engine Roundtable and Entrepreneur Magazine.

To learn more about SEO National and its track record for helping companies like Sleep Sense get more traffic without paying for Google Ads, call 1-855-SEO-NATL (1-855-736-6285) or visit

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