T-Mobile wants to ‘Un-carrier’ home internet

T-Mobile is done with the carriers and wants to go up against the…un-carriers?

In a press release, the company announced “Internet Freedom,” a new effort by the company to get you to switch from your current internet provider to T-Mobile’s 5G home internet. In addition to launching the consumer-focused program, the company also said that its T-Mobile Business Internet is now available nationwide.

T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert said that the company created the new side of its business to “fix a stupid, broken wireless industry.”

“The Un-carrier was created to fix a stupid, broken wireless industry, and while we aren’t done, we’ve undoubtedly changed if for good. Now, with Internet Freedom, we’re taking on Big Internet and bringing the Un-carrier movement to broadband. Broadband customers are the least satisfied in America – the fees, the contracts, the price hikes, the terrible customer service. It’s ridiculous, and it looks a lot like the wireless industry a decade ago. Today, that all starts to change because the Un-carrier is here to disrupt broadband for good.”

With Internet Freedom, customers can try T-Mobile’s home internet for 15 days and, if they choose to keep it, the company will cover switching costs from their current provider and also lock in your price.

  • Cheat on your Internet Provider with Test Drive. Customers can try Home Internet for 15 days, worry-free. If they like it, great! If not, return the gateway and owe nothing. It’s 100% On Us. And because it’s totally wireless, they can even keep their old provider while they try it.
  • Break up with your provider and T-Mobile will cover the cost. When customers are ready to switch, they can break their contract and break up with their internet provider, at no cost because T-Mobile will cover all early termination fees up to $500.
  • Rest easy with Price Lock. Now, Home and Business Internet plans come with Price Lock, so a customer’s price is locked in at just $50 per month, period, because there are no monthly taxes or fees. And it’s not locked in for one or two years, but for as long as they’re a customer. Only they can change what they pay for broadband.

The company has also revealed that, if you have a T-Mobile Magenta MAX family plan, you’ll get the service for $30 per month. T-Mobile treats it simply as another line on your plan.

Save more when adding Home Internet on a family plan. T-Mobile is treating Home Internet like another line you add to a Magenta MAX family plan, so the price is just $30 per month – and locked in at $30 per month with Price Lock. With this deal, families can save up to $900 per year. Plus, get all of the value in Magenta MAX, T-Mobile’s most popular plan, that saves you up to 20% over comparable plans from Verizon and AT&T.

To go even further, the company is offering $50 off a streaming device. 50% off YouTube TV for a year. Customers who are interested in seeing if T-Mobile’s home internet is available in their area can find out on the T-Mobile website.