Depending on who you ask, automation can either be excellent or terrible. Some people dislike automation because it eliminates jobs in particular industries. But some people, such as those in the field service management sector, adore what automation offers. 

This is because field service automation completes several processes more quickly than what could previously be accomplished by human hands. And we’re not referring to the manual repairs but rather the administrative procedures that impact service delivery, turnaround times, and outcomes.

One may say that the foundation of field service management software is field service automation. After all, the numerous automation technologies that make managers’ tasks easier are a large part of why they desire a software solution. The field service environment of today does not lend itself to the traditional method of doing things. Whiteboards for scheduling, radios for dispatching, and paper-based work orders are all obsolete now. 

If you still wonder what field service automation brings to the table, find out below.

Digitizing work orders

The work order process, from creation to delivery to processing, is highly automated with field service automation software. Preventative maintenance plans allow for the automatic creation of work orders, ensuring no service visit is ever overlooked. Automation handles the development of many work orders of the same type for repetitive work orders. 

Using a field service mobile app, dispatchers may send work orders to technicians in the field and monitor their progress as they execute jobs. Once the work order is finished, it is routed back to the field service management software, which automatically generates an invoice. Automation is a major factor in how a work order is formed, completed, and invoiced.

Big data collection

Your field service management software must process a tremendous quantity of data. To transform that data into knowledge you could use today, however, would take a lot of time. Therefore, a field service automation tool accomplishes the work for you.

That is possible with a straightforward drag-and-drop tool that automates the information gathered and provides accurate results. You can now use the data entered into the system to make swift business decisions. Because it uses the most recent and up-to-date data available, the adjustments you want to make will significantly benefit you. 

Eliminating human errors

Errors will occur when people have to perform boring jobs repeatedly. The system may contain incorrect customer information, outdated phone numbers and contacts, and unaltered vendor and employee information. For any field service management team, these mistakes could be expensive, and field service automation software can significantly eliminate these errors. 

Fewer operation costs

Last but not least, field service automation lowers operation costs. Less time spent entering data and processing allows back-office workers to focus on other tasks essential to the company’s operation. You can accomplish more with fewer resources and a more efficient field service management staff.


By reducing some of the tedious steps consumers must take to receive care, field service automation can improve that experience, increasing customer satisfaction.

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