The Best VPS Server Monitoring Tools

7 Best VPS Server Uptime Monitoring Tools 2024 - [Reviewed]

Launching a website using web hosting services in India can sometimes be intimidating. When you are launching a website through VPS hosting, the website development process usually takes a lot of time. 

However, it is essential to provide the best hosting environments for your VPS server. To have the best VPS server, it is important to make sure the technologies powering your website are working properly. 

To ensure this, you can set up VPS monitoring tools that would help run a successful website. But what are these VPS monitoring tools and how do they help? Continue reading to find out. 

Types Of Virtual Server Monitoring Tools And Its Benefits

Network Monitoring Tools

If your VPS server is not connected to the internet, your website will not be available online. This is where network monitoring tools can help. 

These types of tools monitor web services, detect issues and alert you regarding connectivity issues. Setting up monitoring tools is essential, as website downtime can negatively impact the sales of your business and search engine rankings.

Network monitoring tools can provide many benefits for your VPS server. These benefits include enhanced security, higher website uptime, enhanced performance, efficient server management, and more.

Application Monitoring Tools

Application monitoring tools ensure high page loading speed and consistent performance of your VPS server. An application monitoring tool monitors the services running on your VPS server. 

Additionally, it provides accurate information about HTTP requests, disk, and CPU usage. This information will offer useful insights into the pattern of your website’s traffic. This will help you to find a cost-effective solution and plan your upgrades for your VPS server. 

IP Blacklisting And Website Monitoring Tools

IP blacklisting tools regularly monitor the blacklists and alert you in case your server’s IP is on any of them. This will help you take quick and effective action against it, saving your website’s reputation.

Some Of The Best VPS Server Monitoring Tools

Below are some of the popular VPS server monitoring tools:

  • Icinga

It is a monitoring tool that allows you to create custom checks and notification systems. Its web-based interface helps you arrange and organise data in a user-friendly manner.

Additionally, it is free of charge; however, for technical assistance, you will have to pay for a premium support plan.

  • OpenNMS

It provides a management platform to the VPS server administrators that takes care of aspects such as security, fault, accounting performance, and configuration.

Additionally, it monitors a large amount of data points and offers accurate insights into the usage and availability of online services. 

  • Zabbix

It is designed to control and monitor IT systems which include virtual servers, physical servers, and cloud services. Once you install Zabbix on your VPS server you can track network usage, CPU load, and disk space.

Additionally, it can also be used for regular checks to ensure valuable services like TCP and SSH are online.

  • Netdata

This tool monitors services, disk usage, CPU load, operating system, website analytics, and bandwidth. Additionally, it provides several setups that help in collecting/organising data and an intuitive interface for easy integration.

To Wrap It Up

You can use these VPS monitoring tools to manage your server easily and efficiently. However, make sure you know enough about the features of these tools before opting for them. Further, use this knowledge to select tools that will make server management much easier for you.