The Most Effective Way to Add Audio to Your Website

The Most Effective Way to Add Audio to Your Website

When adding audio to your website, I’d recommend a service called AudioTerminator.

I also have a webmaster to help me with this. If you go on my site you’ll see a lot of green buttons and I had a webmaster when I would finish the audio recording and it was edited, I would upload it to my site and I used to pay my webmaster $20 a piece – this is when I didn’t know how to do really anything – I paid him $20 a piece to take that MP3 recording and to convert it to a flash file and to put the button on the website and then he would put the flash file into certain folders.

So I was paying a lot of money, but I just didn’t know how to do it and I was too lazy to figure out how to do it and I could kick myself for doing that. Now I just use the Audio Terminator product and do it myself.

But you could hire an expert. Go on Craig’s List; Craigslist is awesome. They have a section on Craig’s List from any city and any country where you can put a free ad and there’s a section called “gigs” and you could put an ad in the gigs for free and you could say, “Hey! I’m looking for someone who knows how to convert MP3 files into flash and who can put them up on a website, and help me out with some of this stuff. I’m willing to pay $8 hour. You can come to my house and do this or you can work part-time and we can communicate through e-mail.”

Your ad will take fifteen minutes before it gets posted on Craig’s List and right after fifteen minutes you’re going to start getting your e-mail inbox responses to your ad; “Hey! I can do this for you.” They’ll send you a little resume about their experience.

You can find anyone you need on Craig’s List or on Elance to help you do what you can’t do. You’ll pay them, but if you need expertise don’t let not knowing how to do something to keep you from doing it. Just find someone who knows how to do it and it’s time or money.

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