The World of 2021 was Digital; Metaverse Booms in 2022

New COVID variants appear as we return to our world, altering our lives. It seems there is already another variant that has popped up in the last week to add to our Greek alphabet. 2021 was the year of IoATD (Internet of All Things Digital — I’m making that acronym up) — But the virtual tech world will continue to grow, and Bitcoin, NFTs, and the Metaverse seem to be on tap for 2022.

The media focused on non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Will the media use blockchain more in 2022?

A Bitcoin boom in 2022?

After a year of early testing in 2021 — many innovators will completely adopt blockchain in 2022.   The Bitcoin move is done a similar way as 15 years ago — when Web 3.0 allowed content creators to directly reach and monetize their fans.

In the process, creators reclaim part of the power owed to them by Facebook, YouTube, and Apple. With the ability to innovate well — these Silicon Valley archetypes will make 2022 into something worth watching (we hope).

Imagine the process that is being observed right now and that observation then influences the process. This is happening with the metaverse of 2022. The metaverse is — Observed, Studied, Examined, and Prognosticated about. Then 2022 arrives with the bitcoin metaverse and it will all continue to surprise us and maybe even dismay us. Much of the metaverse will dismay people and that is to be expected. You can’t boil water without making a little steam.

2. NFTs add a Bitcoin metaverse.

In 2022, superfans will utilize their collective decentralized power to support their favorite artists’ work via blockchain. In the entertainment business, NFTs by Beeple is the blockchain’s poster child.

Or as new, commercialized super-fandom channels that provide entry to new, exclusive clubs — as we continue into the second quarter of 2022 — the media will be familiar with CryptoPunks, Bored Ape Yacht Club, and DAOs. (Autonomous decentralized groups).

Really — it’s not a fad, they might change the game.

3. Metaverse Big Tech will be targeted heavily.

The 2020 mid-term elections caused threats to social networks. Yet no one looks at how Facebook (or Meta), Google, Apple, and Amazon offer a larger immediate threat. Blockchain and associated decentralized social networks have taken a hit.

The government pushed Facebook to shut down Instagram, which hurts Zuckerberg and Facebook. But these tech conglomerate “unlockings” will spur more content creation across more channels.

4. Apple created the metaverse?

Most people know that the Sci-Fi writer, Neal Stephenson came up with the word, “metaverse” in the 3D virtual space novel, Snow Crash. As the word and the concept grow, Facebook finds refuge in its new Meta name (and logo).

Apple says they are leading the metaverse innovation charge. Apple’s AR glasses will drive innovation with the ultimate wearable — AirPods. Apple’s AirPods ($20 billion business) are the first major entry point into the metaverse — just like the iPhone did for the mobile sector.

5. Musicians use metaverse.

Musicians, Artists, and producers will gain prominence and admirers as games continue to dominate all other forms of entertainment. Travis Scott made his metaverse debut in 2020 with the No. 1 smash “Fortnite.” Music licensing for video games will be a huge new cash stream this year — thanks to Ariana Grande.

6. Real money play.

Media and IT business models will continue to change. Leading the pack are Facebook and Google with Ad-driven business models. Subscriptions (Amazon Prime, Apple One, Disney+) have already replaced one-time purchases. Some believe that the speed boosts to all things digital will phase out the free-to-play game business models. Personally — I sure hope not!

Blockchain has created a new “play to earn” paradigm — and this gives them fractional ownership in the games that are played. “Can this work for me?”,  is the question on everyone’s mind — especially entrepreneurs who look to innovate in new spaces.

Keep watching as gaming, and similar forms of entertainment continue to inspire, innovate, and iterate from other entertainment areas.

7. Disney beats Netflix in screen domination.

Disney+ will surpass Netflix in terms of global paying members (they say by 2025, I think earlier than that) as the Mouse House invests more in original programming. Disney’s Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, Avengers, and Disney Princess franchises intermingle the gain.

Consider the amount of NFTs Disney can (and will) construct using timeless characters. (Hence number of DVC subscribers).

Amazon and Apple are quietly scaling up their own original content divisions for very different reasons.

In virtual worlds, Amazon and Apple employ content to advertise metaverse items and build customer loyalty. Expect more media production company acquisitions in 2022. 2019’s theme is Hello Sunshine (Reese Witherspoon). 2022’s main prize will be A24 (even though Steven Frank has assumed that Parasite was his — and it wasn’t).

8. Musicians’ use of NFTs

New platforms for royalties (TikTok, Facebook, Peloton) and smart speaker usage will all contribute to music’s double-digit growth. Most essential — and maybe most vital to today’s CEOs – superfans will quickly increase revenue for their favorite artists. Billions went unclaimed and that’s changed.

9. You might be able to help make the next great Hollywood picture with Bitcoin

Prepare to directly fund and even purchase your favorite artists’ work. Private equity investors have spent billions on music acquisitions by artists like Stevie Nicks and Bob Dylan but that will change this year.

NFTs will aid you, but who else is affected?

The retail sector will provide new cash streams for filmmakers. Watch “The Chosen” this year (2022). You should be aware of what The Chosen is doing — because they are aware of metaverse.

Events like live music festivals and other mega-events will continue to gain prominence as the COVID keep clearing up in 2022. The COVID and Astroworld tragedies irreversibly transformed these large-scale live events, but the “festival experience” for participants will be adjusted and (hop

Image Credit: Tara Winstead; Pexels; Thank you!

Angela Ruth

Angela Ruth is a freelance writer, journalist and content marketing/SEO consultant in Silicon Valley. She is a member of the YEC and a startup aficionado.