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Network Marketing Leaders, Professional and Reps search for the extremely coveted and sometimes elusive online marketing strategy. Is it really that hard to understand why? Training network marketing masterminds begins with piecing together the magic traffic formula that top online marketers know like the back of their hand. Success online is next to impossible… unless you have a solid strategy. Your online network marketing strategy is going to be the foundation on which your future online success is laid upon. So lets look at a proven strategy that is working today.

For Top Online Marketing Masterminds who sometimes guard their secrets, the online network marketing strategy below is plain and simple. Online lead generation mastery is key to building your primary business.

The Online Network Marketing Strategy

1.) Build Your List

2.) Building a Relationship With Your List

3.) Monetizing Your List

Build Your List

Well, you know that sounds simple enough… Right? The real key to putting this strategy into action is knowing what to do and exactly how to do it. In order to build your list in the first place you need to offer something of value compelling enough to have a potential customers, clients or prospect actually opt into your list. The problem to solve now becomes how to create that compelling value. The solution is simple you learn how. Keep on reading this article to find out why you need to develop a list in the first place.

Building a Relationship With Your List

How do you build a relationship with a list? You build a relationship with your list through a permission marketing strategy. Permission Marketing requires the use of a blog, website or webpage with a permission based opt in form built into them. Permission is granted to you once someone submits their name email address and possibly their phone number. Most people use a service like Aweber for their auto-responder opt in forms. This is a paid service that confirms that new subscribers really requested information from you. Once a subscriber is confirmed your daily, weekly or monthly messages begin being sent. Subscribers can also cancel their subscription to you by opting out or canceling their subscription to you.

You now have permission to send written emails messages to your list. They key strategy here is to become a solutions provider. For example; this article may provide solutions for fellow network marketing professional leaders and reps that want to learn online marketing strategies. What you write in your emails should create value and trust in form of awesome information, products, services and even highly recommended business opportunities. These should be products, services or business partnerships you won’t be afraid to be associated with or put you name on.

Sounds like pretty tuff stuff here but don’t worry because there are marketing systems that have built in self branded value based auto-responder messages pre-made for you related to the network marketing industry. The pre-made messages can actually plug right into auto-responder accounts like Aweber. This solves the problem of having to write your own messages until you are ready to do so. This was one of the awesome tools that helped me decide to get started with internet network marketing.

Monetizing Your List

Ok, you’re building your list and building a relationship with your list,.. now what? Lets learn a little bit about monetizing your list. It has been proven that people will buy from people they know like and trust. So if you’ve been establishing a great relationship with your list by creating value, your list will already feel like they know and trust you. This means they will have no problem purchasing from you now and into the future.

Every purchase of your recommended information, training, programs or products, funds your online lead generation efforts even when many don’t actually join you in your primary business. This commonly referred to as a self- funded proposal. A good marketing system will have training products services and even live network marketing training webinars you can invite your list to attend.

Discover The Online Network Marketing Strategy System and Blueprint

So far I’ve only revealed “The Strategy” to you because this article is getting a little too long for my standards, which is about 450 to 700 words.

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