Ublac Sites Won “Best Website Builder 2022”

Amman, Jordan, 3rd May 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, It’s been a few years since developing a website no longer has to be a task directed exclusively to a team of programmers.

That’s because you can easily find different builders and use your own website builder to structure, customize and launch your own website.

As the options are diverse, researching and choosing between them can be a bit of a hassle. That’s why we decided to help you find the award winning best website builder 2022 for your needs.

What is a website builder?

Website builders, often also called CMS ( Content Management Systems ) are tools designed to help you build a website from scratch.

Through the best options on the market, you can do everything you need to create a professional website intuitively and, above all, without the need for technical knowledge.

With a professional website builder you will be able to:

  • Choose an available website domain;
  • Select ready-made and optimized themes for mobile devices (cell phones, tablets, etc);
  • Customize ready-made themes and position visual elements as you wish;
  • Select high quality hosting plans, which offer speed of loading and SSL (HTTPS) security certificates;
  • Use ready-made optimization tools for SEO ( Search Engine Optimization );
  • Easily add plugins or integrations to the site.

Each of the website builders has their own differentiator, but overall, what you can expect from any alternative on our list is to come away with a professionally designed and optimized website.

Ublac Sites Won Best Website Builder 2022

Ublac Sites is an excellent professional website builder from, one of the highest rated and won best website builder Jordan award 2022, and offers SEO-optimized pages as well as intuitive tools and a drag-and-drop editor based on visual elements as you prefer. UBlac is a full service digital creative agency that unite art and science in design,marketing and web development to create attractive Shining brands. Ublac enjoy creating new extraordinary brands, increase business growth, and amplify brands’ presence.

It is not necessary to have programming knowledge, just select a professional template and edit it as you prefer, the result will be a website with a modern look and capable of retaining visitors.

With it, it is also possible to edit the view of your pages on mobile devices, improving the experience of those who access the smartphone. This allows you to have more customization and highlight exactly the panels you prefer.

Ublac Sites offers other graphic features: you can use more than 100 fonts or import your own, another interesting tool allows you to add animations and scrolling effects to your website in an optimized way. 

In the professional area, the platform also offers a custom domain name, professional email account, free hosting, contact management, SSL certificate, Ublac Funnels and statistics analysis.

Through the tools it is possible to easily consult and monitor the performance of your website.

In summary, Ublac has the following features:

  • Ready templates;
  • Advanced SEO tools;
  • Mobile Optimization;
  • Ecommerce Solution;
  • Graphic features such as unlimited fonts and animation effects;
  • Ublac Live Chat Support;
  • Contact management;
  • Members login;
  • Free hosting;
  • Professional email account;
  • Custom domain name;
  • SSL certificate;
  • Statistics analysis.
  • Sales Funnels

Finally, the Ublac Sites also offers the option to build the website for you for additional fees. Ublac is your own E-Commerce section for selling any type of products – physical, digital, services, and even memberships. Connect payment processors and start monetizing the websites and funnels. Ublac provides pre-made funnel templates to increase your sales.