Website Builders Versus Web Designers


Website builders have been around for many years now, though there are newer options. They’re still an excellent way for anyone to create a new website, even if the potential website owner has no previous experience. When speed, the ability to quickly edit, or expenses are a concern, a website builder may be better than hiring a costly web designer to create the website.

Speed Getting Started

With a website builder, it’s easy to get started creating a website. Log into the website builder and choose a template. Make any necessary changes to the template and start filling in all of the content spaces with custom content. The only thing that slows down the process of starting a website is typing speed or indecisiveness in picking out a template. With a website designer, it’s necessary to go through the info gathering part of the process, which can take a couple of weeks, before the designer gets started working on the design of the website.

Speed Getting it All Done

Once the template is picked out, it’s just necessary to fill in the blanks and pick out the graphics for the site. It’s possible to stretch out this part of the process a little bit while trying to figure out what works best, but it can still be completed fast. With the template, multiple pages can be made rapidly, since all that’s needed is for the content to be added. When working with a website designer, the website needs to be designed, the design approved, the content created, and everything put together. Depending on the size of the site, a web developer can take a couple of weeks or longer to get everything together.

Editing and Changes

Sometimes, changes may need to be made to update the website. With a website builder, it’s as simple as logging in, making the changes, and saving them so they go live. With a web designer, the changes need to be sent to the designer, the designer needs to make them, then they need to be approved and the website needs to be updated with the new changes. This can take at least a few days, if not longer, compared to the seconds a change takes with a website builder.


Creating a website doesn’t have to be expensive. With a website builder, it’s possible to create a website for only a few dollars a month, around what it would cost to host the website. Added features may be available at an additional cost, but this is still a very low amount even for all of the potential features. With a web designer, there’s typically a per-project or hourly cost, which can get expensive quickly. Website owners who want to create a site without paying a ton of money will want to opt for a website builder so they can create a stunning website for less.

If you’re ready to create a website, whether it’s for business or personal use, you’ll likely want to have it designed fast and live for visitors to check out as soon as possible. You’ll also want an easy way to make changes as needed and a way to keep the expenses as low as possible. For all of these, using a website builder is the better option. Take the time to check out a website builder today to learn more about how easy they are to use and how you can get started creating a website right now.

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