Website Traffic – 3 Step Blueprint

Website Traffic – 3 Step Blueprint

Like most other small business owners, you likely understand the necessity of local online chiropractic marketing to stimulate more calls to your office.

You are also no doubt aware that the crux of your chiropractic internet marketing is your website.

If you want to understand how your website ties into getting patients from the internet, check out this 3 step blueprint. Understanding this strategies will ensure that you are pointed in the right direction with your local online chiropractic marketing plan.

#1: Make Sure Your Website is Search Engine Friendly

In a nutshell, you need to make sure your website is ‘search engine optimized;’ in other words, when a search engine ‘crawls’ it, it’s able to tell what your site is all about.

How do you accomplish this?

Keywords, keywords, keywords! Have them in titles of your pages, headlines, tags and of course in your website copy text. Regardless of who created or maintains your website, it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure they have created a website that is search engine optimized.

In addition to keywords, make sure your actual physical address and phone number is somewhere on each page of your website. In a header or footer area will work fine.

Think about it this way…If the search engines can’t easily figure out what you do and where you are located then they are not going to be able to accurately index you as a potential search result.

#2: Make Sure Your Site Stimulates Action

Your website is not there simply to give free information to the world about improving their health or just to tell people about all your great services.

Your website is there to stimulate people to take action in 2 ways:

  1. Call your office to schedule or to learn more
  2. Give you their name and email so you can do follow up marketing

If you go to your website and it is not stimulating someone to take action then why have it. You are a for-profit business, not a free online resource.

There is absolutely no point in marketing your business website if people get to it, peruse a bit and move on. By at least capturing their information, it gives you a chance to send them follow up drip marketing (emails, letters, etc) and become someone they know, like and trust – so they will use your services should the need arise.

So how do you capture their data you may ask? Offer them something you will give them access to once they give you their name and email. It could be a quick video or a simple eBook on relieving back pain or helping headaches. However, it might also be a free exam or consultation certificate (depending on what you are comfortable with) that you will email to them once they enter their information.

Quick Tip: Make sure that your free offer is in the upper right of your home page so that it is immediately seen by anyone landing on your website.

#3: Create Links to Your Site

So you’ve got a website that will command action and you have it configured in a way where the search engines can find it and tell what it’s about.

From there it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get dirty!

This is the part where you take your website link and put it as many place on the world wide web as you can.

A great start is the local search engines such as Google Places, Yahoo Local and Bing Local. Do an online search to figure out how you submit your website to each of these search engines. It’s a great first step in letting them know you exist online.

From there, claim and populate (i.e. hours, pictures, videos) your listing in any directories that allow reviews such as Yelp, City Search, Yellow Book, and Don’t forget any of your city specific sites that allow you to list your business such as a Chamber of Commerce website.

Now that you have that under control, start creating those short articles and videos that you can post on your own blog, submit to article and video sharing sites and all social media communities that you participate in.

Quick Tip: Ensure that your main keywords such as ‘(your city) chiropractor’ are dispersed as often as you can throughout your articles, video descriptions and of course the tags you attach when posting each article or video.

Make sure to include your chiropractic website url in all content that you submit online. It is the basic strategy of how you build that link from that article, video or blog post back to your website.

The bottom line with your online chiropractic marketing is this…the more online places you put your valuable content, the more you will start to show up in the search results when people are looking for the products and services you offer in your local area.

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