Zyxel Zywall an 8-In-1 UTM Solution for Solid Protection and Performance


Information is an asset which, like other important business assets, has value to the organization and consequently needs to be suitably protected. In enterprise class businesses, they have Information Technology (IT) department that is in charge in providing the availability, integrity, and the confidentiality of the business resources (the information asset). One of the main tasks in IT department is protecting the internal network against any types of network and internet threats.

Hundreds of new viruses and worms are introduced into the wild internet every week. In network businesses, you should have a well managed anti-virus infrastructure centrally to prevent the virus outbreak to spread into the private network. Spam is annoying, phishing and virus-laden messages from inbound SMTP-based emails must be blocked before they reach your network. You need to deploy such kind of anti-spam appliance. Hacker techniques are evolving gradually, therefore deployment such firewall with Intrusion detection system is essentials to help your system detect any false positive packets and drop them before they reach the internal network.

As a security best practice, any connection to the network that come from the internet must be done in a secure way. Deployment of virtual private network infrastructure is a must to allow mobile users or travelling users create secure tunneling to the private network. With the VPN infrastructure, you can connect the branch offices in secure way using L2TP / IPSec VPN. And tele-workers can easily and securely access the business network via public internet.

To provide business continuity in communication system, any single failure of the system element must be eliminated. System redundancy in communication system must be developed to allow a load balancing and failover / failback system. We can see that those systems are very complicated for small to medium businesses and are very expensive deployment with several experts in their fields. However, Zyxel Zywall 5 Internet Security Firewall Appliance can take over all the above tasks.

What this Product Does

Zyxell Zywall5 Internet Security Firewall Appliance is an 8-in-1 UTM solution for your businesses security protection and performance. Zyxell Zywall5 is a single solution which includes 8 security functions packed into a single device to assure solid protection for your business networks without sacrificing the performance of the system. These security functions include anti-virus, idp, anti-spam, firewall, VPN, load balancing, bandwidth management and content filtering offered in one box and controlled through a single unified interface.

Zyxell Zywall5 includes advanced ICSA certified SPI Firewall and IPSec VPN secure tunneling for proven security and compatibility. With firewall, all traffic flow between your internal network and public networks are controlled, authenticated, filtered and logged. To allow you create secure tunneling the Zyxell Zywall5 supports the ICSA Certified VPN with manual key, IKE, PKI, encryption, Xauth User Authentication (Internal Database and External RADIUS) and DH1/2, RSA signature.

With introduction of many viruses and other malware into the wild internet, and innovative hackers, Zywall includes the function of anti-virus (with Kaspersky anti-virus signatures) and Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDP) system to prevent any types of internet threats such as Virus, worm, trojan, backdoor and also protect any port-scanning attempts. Updating the anti-virus signatures can be performed automatically or as scheduled.

Zyxell Zywall5 Firewall Appliance not just offer you solid protections, it also provides content filtering, traffic and system management. With content filtering you can configure the web page blocking by URL keywords, Java/ActiveX /Cookie/News blocking, and also based on external database content filtering. With traffic management, the device provides guaranteed/maximum bandwidth, policy-based traffic shaping, priority-bandwidth utilization, bandwidth management, and static routes.

When the Zywall is in router mode, you can also insert a 3G wireless card to add a second WAN for load balancing. You can also change the roles of LAN function to be configured as the Demilitarized Zones (DMZ) to allow you create security segregation when security boundary is required to host public resources such as Web server, Email server. By placing the public resources in DMZ, internet users will not be able to pass into your internal networks.

And the good thing is that you can upgrade your existing Zyxel’s Zywall 5 / 35 / 70 UTM series to be capable of outperforming 20 times with just a Zywall Turbo Card. With this new technology, you can get rid off your multiple systems and replaced with this all-in-one Zywall system for content filtering, anti-virus, anti-spam and intrusion detection services.

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