An SEO Created MuellerBot; An AI John Mueller To Answer Your Google SEO Questions


Danny Richman created an AI version of John Mueller of Google named MuellerBot. It was built off a GPT-3 powered script to answer SEO questions as if John Mueller himself answered them. It is pretty fun and sometimes scary accurate.

There are more details about the MuellerBot over here – it says “This script was originally intended as a light-hearted joke, until it became apparent the responses it gave were, in most cases, surprisingly accurate and helpful.”

Danny Richman shared GIFs showing this in action on Twitter:

John Mueller seems cool with it, he said on Twitter “This is surprisingly fun, and often quite on point. Thanks for making this!”

But this does not replace the real JohnMu, or maybe he wishes it does? 🙂

Maybe it isn’t perfect???

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