Cheap Wireless Routers – Creating Affordable Internet Accessibility


For a fast and simple method for file sharing and Internet access, consider purchasing a cheap wireless router. For the average American who uses the Internet simply to check email, chat with friends, and browse an occasional online shop or newspaper, a cheap wireless router is sufficient to deliver the necessary performance. These routers are easy to install and you can usually have your wireless router up and running in less than five minutes. Your internet service provider can even walk you through the steps if you prefer speaking with a technician rather than following written instructions. Just because you purchased a cheap wireless router does not mean that you must sacrifice security. Even the most basic router has firewall components that allow you to establish a secure wireless gateway to the World Wide Web.

The Sacrifices of a Lower Price

Consumers tend to be wary of selecting a product that falls towards the bottom of the competitive price range, especially when dealing with electronics. The beauty of wireless technology is that has progressed to a point of standardization, so you can be confident that even a cheap wireless router will deliver satisfactory performance. By focusing on only the most basic services that a router provides, some companies have been able to boil down the design to deliver a cheap wireless router without all the bells and whistles that only a high volume internet user could need.

The primary discrepancy between routers is their data transfer speed capabilities and effective ranges. A cheap router is likely to support speeds up to 56 Mbps which is sufficient for the casual internet user. A top end product expands the bandwidth to allow for speeds up to 300 Mbps, or roughly 6 times faster. The increased transfer speeds greatly increase performance when transferring large files, streaming a video feed online, or downloading large files.

Benefits of Going Wireless

Experiment with them first to experience some of the benefits of a wireless network first hand. Many can be picked up brand new for around $30.00. You may find that for this price, the Wi-Fi signal is strong throughout your house and may even extend into your front or backyard. Also, a wireless connection is easy to share with friends when they come to visit. The wireless system allows multiple users to be connected to the Internet simultaneously rather than the single seat allowed by traditional dial-up services or cabled internet.

The cheap wireless router is the most straightforward and cost-effective method for providing internet access to multiple casual users. Many internet service providers offer router rentals to facilitate your cable internet for a few dollars a month. Most individuals agree that a cheap wireless router carries such little financial risk that purchasing one is a great new way to experience the Internet and determine if a wireless network is really suitable for you. As you learn more about wireless Internet and computer networks, you can determine whether or not your family needs to upgrade to a faster router.

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