Downline Builder – How to Create Simple Automated System For Your Downline Growth!

Downline Builder – How to Create Simple Automated System For Your Downline Growth!

There are many downline builder systems on the Internet that promises to add hundreds and thousands of leads to grow your network marketing business. The systems usually allow free members to join and an email is sent by the system to everyone on the database.

Now, most of these systems are software driven systems and using this system to grow your downline can be productive initially, but along the line as everyone in the database starts receiving everybody’s email, it loses its effectiveness.

So if you see any downline builder of any sort, do not join because at the end you end up frustrating all your efforts.

The best way to solve this is to personally create a simple and easy downline recruiting system that you can easily manage and administer. You can do that without the trouble of using or hiring a programmer to code softwares that will power the system.

All you need to make a simple one is a third party autoresponder service.

An autoresponder is web based software that you will need with a simple web page to create your downline builder. The webpage you need is a special webpage called a squeeze page.

Your squeeze page, just like the normal downline builder collects people’s emails, phone number and name when you have something to offer and bam! You have a lead.

To get thousands of people to visit your special page, all you need is a way to drive traffic to your squeeze page so that people will see what you have to offer and maybe subscribe to your offer or newsletter or email course.

This is the time you will need to tweak your pages so that you can convert as many as possible once they visit. If you tweak your page very well, you can get up to 35% – 48% conversion rate in opt-ins.

All depends on your niche market, your propositions and knowledge on how to write effective copy and your copyrighting skills.

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