Editor X: The New Website Creation Platform for All Business Needs

Nowadays, managing an online business requires many steps and actions that often involve several third-party technologies. But here’s the good news: Professionals now have a comprehensive platform where they can achieve their business goals online in a visually exceptional way. On Editor X, businesses can strengthen their digital footprint with a powerful website, bold brand visuals, precise targeting, marketing analytics, customer communication tools and so much more.

Editor X is an advanced website creation platform made exclusively for designers and agencies who build sites for top tier brands. On this platform, business leaders can enjoy the benefits of a full-stack solution, from custom code to built-in business solutions and a powerful content manager, all in one place. The combination of responsive design capabilities along with a complete package of eCommerce and marketing tools allows creators to control every aspect of their business. Each site can be enriched with integrated business tools and web applications like booking systems, video streaming, custom SEO plans, and email marketing. The best part? Every solution added to a site is fully maintained by the Editor X team, so there’s no need to worry about versions, updates, or security.

Whether you’re a large, existing business looking to scale up, or a smaller business eager to expand, Editor X offers an extensive selection of transparent and fairly priced packages to fit any stage of a growing brand. They even offer tailor-made plans for enterprise with end-to-end business solutions including consultation with industry-leading experts on specific projects.

So if you’re looking to build, design, or manage an online business using the most sophisticated responsive technology and web infrastructure, Editor X might be for you.

Editor X: The New Website Creation Platform for All Business Needs
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