Most Effective SEO Trends to Follow to Rank A Website in 2020: Cansoft Technologies

Their changes mark a path based on the simplicity and adaptation of voice search tools and searches carried out through mobile devices. These changes are growing every day and are outperforming traditional searches. Based on these changes, after extensive research done by an SEO company in Vancouver: Cansoft Technologies, they classified the new changes into four main trends that will help a website achieve a better position.

1. Importance of the Snippet

Both the featured Snippet and the rich Snippet increase their importance of these new changes. These brief descriptions that function as storefronts of a website are the first contact the reader has and result in most of the clicks for organic responses.

Therefore, to be able to be in the zero rankings (result highlighted within the SERP by a relevant snippet or to appear in the first 10 results of an organic search) it is not only important to have a content adapted to the new formats but also to provide an ideal and most accurate answer for the user’s question.

Thus, Google introduces a new trend in SEO in 2020, incorporating a new option to dial FAQS sections or FAQs that are oriented to appear in the Snippet. These will optimize searches via voice and on mobile devices.

2. Voice Search Revolution

In recent years, voice searches have exponentially increased, and 50.5% of the population speaks daily with an assistant either through smart speakers, mobile devices or in the car. The well-known attendees of a smartphone, such as “Siri” or “Cortana,” have been joined by the revolution of home assistants introduced by Google, Apple, and Amazon, with their already-known “Alexa.” These market additions have made SEO trends for 2020 adapt to new forms of search.

Thus, the data and text of the website must be very structured since the improvements of the Algorithm of Google, RankBrain and the incorporation of the new ALGORITHM BERT (based on neurolinguistic programming) have been designed to optimize the queries as much as possible.

3. Local SEO

The “global” strategy of global thinking and local action, continues to prevail during this Year. In this sense, Google introduces a new trend in SEO in 2020, by highlighting the importance of local positioning of a website. To do this it is important to geolocate the photos of a business in order to spend more time to complete and update a Google My Business tab to get the maximum benefit from external links an SEO company incorporates.

Finally, it is important to emphasize the importance of making a personalized response for each of the customers who value a business through Google or Trip Advisor. In doing this not only does a company maintain closer contact with the user by creating and improving relational marketing but the platform also detects the interactions and gives a website a better positioning.

4. User Experience

The increase in traffic on mobile devices that grows well above that on computers and other devices, has made necessary new updates in mobile web page positioning and AMP charging time, with a maximum of 3 seconds. While good technology is needed on a website, accessibility and user experience (UX) is also very important.

In September 2019 Google incorporated Mobile-First Indexing. As for the UX, especially in JavaScript, work has been done on improving the frameworks that act on mobile device web pages that work in real-time. The problem with frameworks so far is that loading page information dynamically will lose content. This new update will make Googlebot interpret JavaScript more efficiently by simulating user actions during crawling of different websites.


In conclusion, the new SEO trends that 2020 brings us tend to become more natural and more human. The improvement in Google’s two main algorithms and the incorporation of BERT will be the beginning of a new future in search technology. Alongside this, the tendency to use a smartphone over other devices and voice searches will impact the positioning in the SERPs. 

Cansoft’s SEO team lead by Kazi Mamun pays attention to the new trends and changes incorporated by Google to adapt to result in higher success in search engine optimization for websites.

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