Know Your Digital Camera’s Enemies

Your digital camera is a precious device that allows you to capture great memories as they happen. And since you spent your hard earned money to buy it, you need to protect it at all cost. Having a camera bag or casing is a basic thing to remember. But what many camera owners forget are the other enemies of their photographic gadget. These can be found just about anywhere the reason why you need to be mi note 6 pro aware of them. It’s your responsibility as well to know how to avoid these elements to save the life of your digital camera.

Did you know that your sunscreen and insect repellent can actually harm your camera? It’s true because these products are oily and can affect the delicate parts of your unit. If possible, never let the parts of your body that have these lotions on touch your camera. What you should do then is to wash your hands first before holding the gadget so in that way, you can freely enjoy shooting.

If in case you forgot and you touched the camera, make sure to wipe the grease right away. Be careful as well not to put any of those items inside your camera bag. Some of you who don’t want to bring another bag when going to the beach, the pool or the campsite may think that it’s okay to do that because they’re covered anyway. In fact, it’s not okay because you’re just risking the life of your camera. Keep your cam away from the sand, too. The sand has very tiny particles that could damage the mechanical part of your gadget when they’re able to get inside.

So if you need to bring your gadget to the beach or the park, for instance, be sure to put your camera inside a sealable bag if not in use. You can also bring along a toothbrush or extra cloth that you can use to wipe away sand that comes close to your cam. Another danger of being at the beach is the risk of exposing your camera to salt. Salt can cause corrosion which you need to avoid. To protect your camera then, do wipe it clean after using. If you’re using a DSLR, a better protection to use is the UV filter. Remember as well to avoid opening your camera to change batteries and memory cards when in salty places.

While you’re at the beach or pool, be mindful about water that could get into your gadget. You could be enjoying splashing around with your friends and then taking photos or worse, you could drop the cam in water but please be more careful as you could get water in your camera. Do keep in mind that moisture can damage your unit so after you arrive home, do wipe your gadget clean and make sure that it’s dry.

Using silica gel packs will also help keep your camera dry while inside its bag. These will be helpful particularly during times when your area experiences sudden changes in temperature. Other elements harmful to your camera that you need to avoid are dust, bumps, drops and of course, the thieves.