Top 6 Benefits of Technology in the Classroom

Photo by Mimi Thian on Unsplash

With the eruption of the digital age, technology has been an inevitable part of human lives. Thanks to the latest innovations in our practical life, our lifestyle has become easier and trouble-free. Amongst other fields, the education sector has also been positively impacted by the breakthrough in information technology. Almost every academic institution uses technology in education. Some of the popular techs include smartphones, online learning, class blogs, podcasting, and smartboards. Due to the numerous benefits of technology, newer inventions are being made each day to support the education industry further. 

In a world deeply impacted by digital innovations, technology makes life much easier for both teachers and students. For example, to study classical literature, it is not necessary to read the book itself.  Nowadays, there is an opportunity to watch films based on many of the books studied at school, right in the classroom. One of the excellent adaptations of books is a film based on Lord of The Flies. If watching a movie is not enough, then you can search for free essays on Lord of The Flies here that support your studies. The internet is one of free sources of information that helps you find appropriate reading material with numerous examples. This is another advantage of technology penetration into the lives of students.

There are several advantages of using technology in the classroom. Here are a few of them: 

  1. Higher student engagement: Tech provides diverse platforms for online studies. It helps to make learning fun and therefore kills the boredom of students. Using various gadgets in the classroom can transform dull subjects into interactive and fun activities. Such acts encourage students’ active participation in learning and improve student engagement in the studies. The emerging concepts such as edutainment can yield even higher participation and engagement of students.
  2. Improves knowledge retention: Technology can be used to help in the gamification of education. When learning becomes fun, students tend to memorize such their lessons quickly. Knowledge acquired with entertainment has the propensity to be stored in long term memory of the brain, helping the students to retain knowledge for an extended period.
  3. Encourages self-learning: Scholars can enjoy numerous benefits of technology in education. With the availability of gadgets inside the classroom, they can learn at their own pace, review challenging concepts, or skip if they need to. They can take the initiative, learn as per their will and time, and with or without other’s assistance. Learning by yourself can prove to be a great life skill that can result in incredible benefits until your old age.
  4. Prepares students for the future: Technology has been fabricated more complexly in students’ lives than ever. The future is galloping towards the digital world, and career services are also reliant on technology for higher productivity and lesser errors. Automation and digitization are heavily implemented for any titles in the companies. Soon, the workplace may be highly computerized and to face such tech-oriented roles, using tech in the classroom in the present can help them prepare for a digital future.
  5. Instant access to knowledge: The internet serves the students with instantaneous access to information. They can find any information beyond the scope of their books. Having access to broader knowledge increases their thirst and their understanding. They can explore information on any topic during their research, rather than relying just one or two on their textbooks.
  6. Easier & effective student assessment: Using different electronic devices, the teachers can send projects and papers to the students digitally. And with the help of online assessments, teachers can automatically and quickly produce results of the assignments, projects, and papers. It helps teachers to find out the students’ weaknesses swiftly and help them further. Teachers can send assignments and assessments easily whenever required. 

Even in modern times, people still wonder what the benefits of education are and how technology can help. The points mentioned above explain how important is technology in the education sector and how it can benefit the students while using it inside the classroom. It helps teachers connect better with their students and facilitates collaboration between peers. The outbreak of IT and communication has already dominated the traditional lifestyle. As such, academic institutions need to develop new teaching strategies that match the technological advancement while considering the benefits of technology in education.